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Tate Township in Clermont County


Tate Township Maintenance Department
2655 Spring Street
Bethel, OH 45106
Monday – Friday 7am to 3:30pm
Ed Stanley  – Maintenance Supervisor and Cemetery Sexton

Road Closure May 8 & 9, 2023

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The road department is charged with maintaining 38.62 miles of roads in Tate Township.  We are here to help in any way possible with the roads and ditches that are under the jurisdiction of the Township.

This chart lists the roads that the Tate Township maintenance department is responsible for clearing and maintaining:

Arbor St. Laura Dr. Saltair-Canter Rd.
Arthur Ave. Legion Ln. Saltair-Maple Rd.
Brown Rd. Leonard Rd. Schaller Rd.
Brown St. Macedonia Rd. South Campbell Rd.
Burke Rd. McMurchy Rd. (partial) Sprague Rd.
Campbell Ln. Moore Rd. Spring St.
Canter Rd. Mound St. Sugartree Rd.
Case Rd. Myrtle Ave. Sunset Dr.
Charlotte Ave. Ninnichuck Rd. Thicket Dr.
Davis Rd. North Campbell Rd. Trees Rd.
Dean Rd. Ohio Ave. Trisler Rd. (partial)
Gaylord Ave. Osborne St. (North side of the road) Vandament Rd.
Georgia Dr. Parsons Rd. (changed to Kelch Rd) Vic-Joy Dr.
Grant St. Patterson Rd. Wilson Rd.
Halfhill Rd. (partial) Pitzer Rd. Woodruff Rd.
Happy Hollow Rd. (partial) Reed St. (AKA Spring)  
Hinch Ave. (AKA Mound) Reisinger Rd.
Holly Ln. Rodgers Ln.  
Hoover Rd. Rolling Acres Dr.  
Inez Ave. Runway Ave.  
Kell Rd. Ruth Ln.  
Kennedy-Ford Rd.  

Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)

(513) 797-6008, Batavia office,  maintains these state roads:

  • St Rt 125
  • St Rt 133
  • St Rt 222
  • St Rt 232

The Clermont County Engineer’s Office –

(513) 732-8869  is responsible for the maintenance of the county roads.

The easiest way to tell which roads are the State and County roads is by the edge and/or middle of the road paint stripes, the township roads do not have painted lines on them.

Asian Longhorned Beetle Eradication Project Link to Page

Mowing & Tree Removal

The road maintenance department mows both sides of township roads multiple times each mowingyear.  The 38.62 miles of road times both sides is 77.24 miles of ditches.  They also cut back invasive low hanging limbs to a minimum height of 13′ 6″.

Please be cautious when passing our tractors and crew when they are cutting as they may not see or hear you.

September 2017 Cemetery Tree Removal:

Road Repair:

Township road culverts are another important job to keep the roads in operating condition.  The “old” culvert pipes are made of metal that eventually will rust out along the bottom, where the water runs through and sits.  The new replacement pipes are made of heavy HDPE culvertcorrugated plastic that will hold up to the continuous wet environment as well as stand up to the weight of dirt, road, and vehicles.

Free Inspection news post.

Every year, the Trustees review the condition of the Township roads to decide what roads will need re-paving in the summer.

Did You Know?

If you live on a Tate Township maintained road and your driveway culvert pipe needs replaced, the township maintenance department will help you by installing the pipe purchased by the homeowner to maintain correct drainage in the right of way. The homeowner should contact the Tate Township Maintenance Department to do the installation.  Free Inspection

Who is Responsible for Clearing my Driveway Culvert and Ditch Line?

It is the responsibility of the residents to ensure that their driveway culverts and ditch lines are free of debris that may cause blockages. Backed up driveway culvert tiles, especially those located along township roads, can become very hazardous to motorists. When these culvert tiles become blocked with debris, they create road flooding or the pooling of water on the roadway surface. This, in turn, can lead to cars hydroplaning, causing injury and loss of property. Please protect yourself and others by clearing your culverts and ditch lines.

Snow & Ice Removal

bethel plowSnow removal and salting the roads in the freezing temperatures is of top importance to the safety of the residents. We stay on top of the weather forecasts and once the call is made by Ed, the crews are out plowing within 15 to 30 minutes. Every effort will be made to be sure that all Township roads are plowed of snow and ice in a timely fashion using all resources of the Township.

Tate Township Clean-Up News:

The 2023 dates are Friday, 7/7/23 & Saturday, 7/8/23 7:00am to 5:00 pm

IDs must be provided to check for residency.  All bedding mattresses must be covered in plastic.  No hazardous materials, paint, or batteries. Tires will be accepted  with a fee charged by the size of tire.

2022 Clean-Up Report: Tate Township 2022 Clean-Up Report

2020 Clean-Up Report: Tate Township CleanUp 2020

Pictures of the 2017 Township Clean-Up…Thanks To Everyone!

See the reports:

Tate Township EOY Report 2019

Tate Township 2019 Service Equipment Report

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