Free Inspection

All residents on Township roads that are considering upgrading your driveway with new blacktop or concrete should first call the Road & Maintenance Department. Many steel pipes eventually rust out which lets the pipe collapse, then water backs up, and onto the road. When this happens the pipe has to be dug up and replaced which means cutting the new blacktop or concrete.

Please call 513-734-2384 for a free culvert pipe inspection.  If the pipe has to be replaced we will have to cut the driveway so it is better to let us replace it BEFORE you buy new blacktop or concrete.

Remember on culvert pipe replacements, the homeowner buys the pipe and Tate Township supplies the labor and gravel.

Keep in mind that just about all driveways in the township have a pipe where the driveway goes over the ditch.  Many of these pipes are made of steel which can rust out and collapse.  The replacement pipe you will buy will be made of plastic and will not rust out.

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