What towns are located in Tate Township?

The only incorporated town in Tate Township is the Village of Bethel.  All Bethel Village residents are also residents of Tate Township.  Village residents have different voting precincts that are within the limits of Bethel and Bethel has a Village Council and Mayor to decide on issues that concern only the Village of Bethel residents.  You can find out more at the  Bethel, Ohio web site.

What schools are in Tate Township?

The school district is called Bethel-Tate Local Schools and there are currently 4 school building.  Wm. Bick Primary teaches PreK-2nd grades; Hill Intermediate teaches 3rd-5th grades; Bethel-Tate Middle School teaches 6th-8th grades; Bethel-Tate High School teaches 9th-12th grades.

How should I hang the US flag?

There are rules as to how, when, and where to fly the US flag.  Here are tips for folding and displaying the flag from US History.org

I have a question about my property taxes. Who do I call?

The Clermont Auditor’s office handles the real estate taxes.  Go to Clermont Auditor.org or call 513-732-7150 M-F 8:00-4:00.