Is It True That A Solar Panel Farm Is Coming To Tate Township?

We will keep you updated on anything we hear.  The project appears to have been pulled according to this article.

Where can I find information on the ALB (Asian Longhorned Beetle) regulated areas or to report suspected ALB infested trees?

The entire Tate Township area is restricted as well as parts of the East Fork State Park.  Residents of the ALB regulated areas established within Clermont County cannot move firewood or wood debris outside of the restricted area or outside of East Fork State Park. For answers to questions about regulated materials and permits, or to report wood movement and suspected ALB infested trees, residents should call the program office at 513-381-7180.  Click HERE for the Ohio ALB media update page.

Where do I take my recycling?

Thanks for taking the time to recycle.  You can go to this Clermont County page to find recycle centers in our county.  Recycling Information

What towns are located in Tate Township?

The only incorporated town in Tate Township is the Village of Bethel.  All Bethel Village residents are also residents of Tate Township.  Village residents have different voting precincts that are within the limits of Bethel and Bethel has a Village Council and Mayor to decide on issues that concern only the Village of Bethel residents.  You can find out more at the  Bethel, Ohio website.

What schools are in Tate Township?

The school district is called Bethel-Tate Local Schools and there are currently 4 school building.  Wm. Bick Primary teaches PreK-2nd grades; Hill Intermediate teaches 3rd-5th grades; Bethel-Tate Middle School teaches 6th-8th grades; Bethel-Tate High School teaches 9th-12th grades.

How should I hang the US flag?

There are rules as to how, when, and where to fly the US flag.  Here are tips for folding and displaying the flag from US History.org

What should I do to prepare for emergency situations?

Before an emergency, go to Ready.gov . This site is a public service announcement (PSA) designed to educate and empower Americans to prepare for and respond to emergencies including natural and man-made emergencies.

I have a question about my property taxes. Who do I ask?

The Clermont Auditor’s office handles the real estate taxes.  Go to Clermont Auditor.org or call 513-732-7150 M-F 8:00-4:00.

How do I find out more about our Nation’s security?

Visit the Department of Homeland Security for up to the minute information and facts to clarify any news.

Why is it important to specifically designate my township when obtaining license plates?

License plates fees are tax dollars that will help pay for road improvements on all public roads in the township. Since leasing vehicles has become so popular, many people renew their license plates through a third-party such as a leasing company. Leasing companies inadvertently place their own address on the vehicle registration which means that your tax dollars are funding other community roads and not the roads in Tate Township. Please share this information with your friends and family in Tate Township. Your effort will help keep taxes down and township roads in the best possible shape.

Where can I find housing information for senior living?

You can visit the Ohio Senior Guide web page to find resources for various senior living options in Ohio.


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