Tate Township Maintenance Office
149 Spring Street
Bethel, OH 45106
Monday – Friday 7 am to 3:30 pm
Ed Stanley – Maintenance Supervisor and Cemetery Sexton

(513) 734-2384                       Email: estanley@tatetownship.org


Download a map of the sections in Tate Township Cemetery:  Tate Cemetery

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In all cemeteries that are maintained by Tate Township, please abide by the following rules that were voted on and approved by the Trustees in January 2017:

Tate Township Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Effective January 2017

1.  Five days after special holidays, all flowers will be discarded.

2.  Containers made of glass, pottery, and other easily broken material are prohibited, and if placed, will be discarded. Please refrain from using wires to hold flowers in place. Decorations that do not fit securely on the tombstones are not permitted.

3.  Due to safety and maintenance issues, shepherds hooks, solar lights, or any other object placed on a grave are not permitted

4.  The cemetery sexton has the right to remove any tree, shrub, bush, or flower if same has died, becomes unsightly or too large.

5.  The cemetery does not permit the planting of bushes, trees, shrubs, or bulbs on grave lots.

6.  The cemetery does not permit fences, borders, landscaping stones or wood chips on grave lots unless they are maintained weekly by the owner.

7.  No permanent flower receptacles or other articles may be placed on any lot.

8.  Above ground vaults or mausoleums are not allowed in any section.

9.  All markers or monuments will be placed at the head of the grave. No foot-stones above ground.