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Trustee Meeting Summary

Tate Township Meeting Summary

What Happened at the Last Tate Township Trustee Meeting?


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The Tate Township Trustees’ regular meeting was held on March 10, 2020, with trustees Gary Reed and Bob Redden present. Greg Burns was absent. Jeannie Zurmehly spoke to the trustees to say that, even though she is running unopposed, she would appreciate their support and votes. Zurmehly is running for Clermont County Treasurer. A Drug… Read More

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Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has called in 300 Ohio National Guards to “help with humanitarian efforts to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.” This happened Thursday.  When you see the National Guard’s vehicles and soldiers, do not be alarmed.  There are many false rumors on social media but Governor DeWine wants the people of Ohio to… Read More

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Changes due to the COVID-19 are affecting the regular hours and services available to residents of Clermont County.  Here is a link to Clermont County’s Updated List.

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Parent tips to use with your children to help prevent excessive worry, unhealthy eating or sleeping, and acting out behaviors that aren’t the usual behaviors your children exhibit. Posted by Prevention Action Alliance, a certified prevention agency. Know! To Reassure and Support Children During COVID-19 Crisis

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Your Tate Township trustees realize that the circumstances right now are not the best.  With the ever-increasing shelter-in-place warnings, the township trustees and staff want to make sure that you are safe and well. This may make it difficult for some people to get what they need for food, medicine, and other supplies.  If there… Read More

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Everyone should be receiving a letter from the US Census 2020 in March.  They would like you to respond to and enter your individual Census ID provided in your letter.  If you do not have the internet, don’t worry, the Census will be mailing a paper questionnaire to you in a few weeks.  There… Read More

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