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You can email Rob Williams if you have planning, zoning questions, or would like to request more information at  by filling out the comment form below and Rob will get back to you.

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Before you build anything…Make sure you have the permit information from Tate Township and Clermont County:

Before you dig, by law, everyone MUST contact the OHIO811, 8-1-1 or 1-800-362-2764, at least 48 hours but no more than 10 working days (excluding weekends and legal holidays) before beginning ANY digging project. Link to the Ohio811 site.

Link to Permit page for Clermont County

Link to Tate-Monroe Water

Link to Duke Energy Start Utility Service


Zoning Appeals & Commission Meetings page

Zoning Resolutions:

Tate Township Zoning Resolutions  (Zoning Fees at bottom of this page)

Barking Dog Resolution 2017


Property Easement (Right-of-Way) Information:

Duke Energy Gas Pipeline document- HANDOUT Guidelines for Proper Land Use within Pipeline Easements 10-15-19 (1)

High Voltage Transmission Line Easements-  row-guidelines-all-jurisdictions

Electric Transmission Shared Path Right-of-Way-shared-use-paths-trails-guidelines


View zoning map below:  

Download a copy =>Tate Township Zoning Map

Tate Township Zoning Map


Tate Township Zoning Fees

Zoning Fees Effective JANUARY 2017
Single Family Dwelling $200.00
Two Family Dwelling $350.00
Units Up To 12 (cost per unit) $150.00
Room Addition – Under 400 sq. ft. $100.00
Room Addition – Over 400 sq. ft. $150.00
Accessory Building – Shed under 150 sq. ft. $ 50.00
Garage or Pole Building $100.00
Land Use Change $ 50.00
In-Ground Swimming Pool $ 75.00
Decks / Porches $100.00
Commercial / Industrial .05/ (Minimum) $250.00
Signs $ 75.00
Books $ 30.00
Maps $ 10.00
BZA Application $250.00
Zoning Commission Application – Regular $350.00
Refund (If withdrawn before the trustee’s mtg) $175.00
Planned Unit Development $600.00
Refund (If withdrawn before the trustee’s mtg) $300.00

 Zoning Office Phone 513-734-0618

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