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Tate Township Zoning Resolutions  

Barking Dog Resolution 2017

Tate Township Zoning Map


Tate Township Zoning Fees

Zoning Fees
Single Family Dwelling $200.00
Two Family Dwelling $350.00
Units Up To 12 (cost per unit) $100.00
Room Addition – Under 400 sq. ft. $100.00
Room Addition – Over 400 sq. ft. $105.00
Accessory Building – Shed under 150 sq. ft. $50.00
Garage or Pole Building $100.00
Land Use Change $50.00
In-Ground Swimming Pool $75.00
Decks / Porches $100.00
Commercial / Industrial .05/ (Minimum) $50.00
Signs $75.00
Books $30.00
Maps $10.00
BZA Application $250.00
Zoning Commission Application – Regular $350.00
Refund (If withdrawn before the trustee’s mtg) $175.00
Planned Unit Development $600.00
Refund (If withdrawn before the trustee’s mtg) $300.00

 Zoning Office Phone 513-734-0618