Steve Newman Worldwalker 35th Anniversary

Join the fun as we Walk With The Worldwalker to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Bethel native Steve Newman’s historic walk around the world.  This event is hosted by the Bethel Historical Society to celebrate Steve Newman’s Historic Four-Year Solo Walk Around The World!

Register to relive the final miles with Steve on Friday, April, 1, 2022 beginning/starting at 10:00 am at the East Fork Bantam Ranger Station located at 3294 Elklick Rd, Bethel, OH and ending at Burke Park, 531 w.Plane St, Bethel.  Early registration has ended.  Day of registration will be restricted to 8:30-9:30am.  Please see registration forms and information at

For those who wish to welcome Steve Newman and the walkers, the expected arrival time in Burke Park is 12:00.


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