ALB December 2021 Update


ALB Template

December 2, 2021

Buy Local Burn Local slogan with firewood burning photo Image provided by @canadainvasives

The following information summarizes activities in each of the four states with active Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) eradication programs: South Carolina, Ohio, Massachusetts, and New York.


New Factsheet

The factsheet titled, Removing Host Trees To Eradicate Asian Longhorned Beetle, serves as a quick reference for property owners and residents who have questions about the program’s tree removal work.

Climbing High: Checking for the ALB

Ohio Department of Agriculture just issued a new video featuring tree climbing experts in search for ALB. Take a look at the job from their perspective, way up high, and how to spot the beetle!

APHIS is Now On Facebook

Take a look at APHIS’ Facebook page, which recently launched to compliment the agency’s social media presence on Twitter and LinkedIn, offering new ways to share information and engage with stakeholders.

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