Tate Township Clean-Up 2021 Report

A successful clean-up of Tate Township was held on June 11 and 12, 2021 with a total of 110.77 TONS of trash, tires, and metal.

Special thanks to all the help from Trustees Gary Reed & Bob Redden, Clermont County Sheriff, and Clermont County Municipal Court workers.

The break down of the pounds hailed away is as follows:

        • 5 roll-off dumps                                  12.62 tons
        • 10 compactor trucks                           75.77 tons
        • 5 loads of metal                                   21.31 tons
        • misc. recycles                                      2149 pounds
        • 228 tires collected

Total tons haled away: 110.77

Thank you to all residents  who participated.

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