DeWine Says Health Orders Will Lift June 2

Gov. DeWine delivered a statewide address today to all Ohioans. He noted that only 42% of Ohio’s population is vaccinated and the path to remain safe is to vaccinate all Ohioans. He referenced the medical data in Ohio from January to April 13, 2021 indicated that nearly 100%  of hospitalized COVID patients had NOT been vaccinated.  DeWine says this is proof that the vaccine is effective.  He is lifting all health orders in two weeks, on June 2 there will no longer be mandates for masks and social distancing except in Nursing and Assisted Living facilities.

“On June 2nd, each Ohio citizen will make their own decision about wearing a mask, socially distancing, and how to protect themselves.”

The virus is still and more dangerous than ever for those who are not vaccinated. DeWine urges those who are not, to get vaccinated now.  As an incentive, Ohio will offer vaccine incentives to Ohioans with at least 1 vaccine shot by May 18th to have their names placed into a lottery style drawing for 5 chances at winning 1 million dollars for adults or 4 years of tuition-free Ohio college for the youth. Further details and contest rules will be announced by the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Lottery Commission next week during a briefing to news media.

DeWine announced that starting May 13, 2021, children 12 to 15 can be vaccinated.

DeWine reminds everyone that businesses still have the right to require that people wear masks while inside their buildings.

The full text of Gov. DeWine’s speech can be assessed HERE.


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