US Census 2020

Everyone should be receiving a letter from the US Census 2020 in March.  They would like you to respond to and enter your individual Census ID provided in your letter.  If you do not have the internet, don’t worry, the Census will be mailing a paper questionnaire to you in a few weeks.  There are no Census workers going door to door at this time.

“Why should I bother with this Census?”

  • It is important for your community to get the right amount of tax money from the government.  The township, village, and county all are funded by your tax dollars.  The Census helps us get our fair share.
  • It takes less than 10 minutes. Really! I just entered mine online and it took me 9 minutes to answer questions about 3 people in my home.
  • Emergency systems and disaster relief are based on the information given in the most recent Census.
  • Businesses looking to locate in our area will look at the information from the Census.

Don’t take my word for it.  Read 5 Big Reasons to fill out the Census along with 50 ways the information gathered will be used: 5 Big Reasons.

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