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ALB eNewsletter | December 30, 2019
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Recent news on the Asian Longhorned Beetle. Find out what’s happening in your state.
December 30, 2019

This eNewsletter is designed to keep you up-to-date with Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) eradication efforts and serve as a meaningful resource for the most current information. Presently, there are active eradication programs operating in three states: New York, Massachusetts and Ohio. The following information pertains to eradication activities in each of these states.


December 19 – The Massachusetts Introduced Pests Outreach Project posts a new blog about Asian longhorned beetle in New York City…read more

The National Phenology Network publishes forecast maps for ALB adult emergence based on growing degree days thresholds for key points in its life cycle…see map

OHIO – First detection in June 2011

Regulated Area: 56.5 sq. miles*

56.5 – Clermont County (Tate and Williamsburg Townships)

Infested Trees: 19,576

19,491 – Tate Township

48 – Monroe Township

3 – Stonelick/Batavia Township

34 – East Fork Recreational Area

Removals: 104,465

19,105 Infested:

19,020 – Tate Township

48 – Monroe Township

3 – Stonelick/Batavia Township

34 – East Fork Recreation Area

85,360 High-risk hosts

67,847 – Tate Township

1,138 – Monroe Township

0 – Stonelick/Batavia Township

16,375 – East Fork Recreation Area

Surveys: 3,241,519

* Monroe Township declared eradication in September 2018, resulting in a reduction of the regulated area by .5 sq. miles. Stonelick and Batavia Townships declared eradication in March 2018, resulting in a reduction of the regulated area by 5 sq. miles.

Ground and aerial survey crews continue to conduct delimiting surveys, inspecting all host trees throughout the regulated areas in Clermont County. Staff continues to monitor regulated areas, respond to service calls and conduct training sessions for compliance agreements. To report suspicious activity, please call 513-381-7180. Infested trees are removed throughout the year, as they are detected. The wood disposal yard located at 2896 State Route 232 in Bethel is open for business: Mon. through Fri. from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Wood chips are available for residents from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. on the first Sat. of every month. Click Ohio for more information.

UPCOMING EVENTS: The program has no public meetings planned at this time.

REMINDERS: The mission of the eradication program is to help save trees and to eliminate the beetle from infested areas. Residents in Asian longhorned beetle regulated areas cannot move firewood or wood debris outside of the regulated area. Residents are also discouraged from moving firewood and wood debris inside the regulated area. In the event of inclement weather, surveys and infested tree removals may be delayed or cancelled.

If you think you’ve found an Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) or signs of infestation, always record the area where the specimen was found. If possible, capture the insect you think is an Asian longhorned beetle, place it in a jar and freeze it — this will preserve the insect for easy identification. Take digital pictures of the insect and damage to your trees in case officials request them, and Report It.

 More Information: There are other ways to stay informed about Asian longhorned beetle eradication efforts:

ON THE WEB: or APHIS Asian longhorned beetle




For local information about eradication activities, or if you think you’ve found an insect or signs of infestation, please call 1-866-702-9938, or contact your state’s ALB eradication program office directly:

Ohio: (513) 381-7180

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