Meet The Candidates Night In Bethel

Sunday evening (11/4/2019). 5:30 – 7:30 pm, residents of Tate Township are invited to meet the candidates, on the ballot for the November 5, 2019 election.  Held at the Bethel Community Center, 135 N. Union Street, Bethel.

Local candidates and issues are listed below:

Candidates on the ballot-

For Tate Township Trustee: – 1 to be elected

  • Howard Daugherty
  • Bob Redden

For Tate Township Fiscal Officer:

  • Kathy A. Brannock

For Bethel-Tate Local School Board: – 2 to be elected

  • Christopher Goodman
  • Brandy Pryor
  • Gary Shepherd

For Bethel Village Council:2 to be elected

  • Dawn Hollifield
  • Lucy L. Shepherd

For Bethel Mayor:

  • Jay Noble

Issues on the ballot-

  • Tate Township – unincorporated area – Additional Tax Levy 0.4 mills – for Police – for 5 years

Here is a link to the Clermont County Elections Page if you need information about where you vote or if you are registered and other FAQs.

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