Town Hall Aggregation Information Meeting

At the information meeting on 10/4/17, Joe Garrett with Trebel LLC. gave a presentation to 18 residents of Tate and Monroe Township.  On 11/7/17, voters should vote YES if they want to allow the Trustees to form an Aggregation under Ohio law.  This will allow the Trustees to enter into a contract to buy the electric and gas generation charges to save residents money on their energy bill.  This is for the generation charge only. The transmission and distribution will stay with Duke. The billing for the generation charge will stay on your current bill.

There will be no fee to the Township for this service and the savings could be $160,000 to the residents.  All residents can opt out at any time and continue to pay their current generation charge. Residents already under contract with someone will not be affected.

If the Aggregation is voted in on 11/7/17, it will take about 6 months for the bidding process and Trustees will pick the best deal on behalf of the residents. Once a generation contract is in place.

  • A letter will go out to all residents to inform them of the contracted price and the terms.
  • Residents will be given information on how to OPT out.
  • Residents will be automatically enrolled UNLESS:
    • If you are already with another generation supplier, then you will get a letter to explain why you are not eligible at this time.
    • If you are in a subsidized energy program then you do not qualify for the savings.
  • All residents have a choice after the Trustees sign a contract. You always have the options to cancel or join at any time.

The Trustees feel this is a good plan for the residents of Tate Township.  Please vote YES for the Aggregation on 11/7/17.


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