Use Recycling Centers For Recycle, Not Trash

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Illegal dumping (and it is illegal!) at recycling drop-offs around Clermont County continues to be an issue. It has forced the recent closing of two recycling drop-offs at Shor Park and Bethel Save-A-Lot. A few years ago, the county had 42 sites for recycling. Now it is down to 26.
Many residents have curbside recycling in their neighborhoods. These additional drop-offs are offered for those who don’t have curbside recycling, or don’t want to pay the service fee often charged by companies that collect trash in Clermont County.
But the abuse at these drop-off sites, where people routinely dump furniture, carpet, large plastic items, construction waste, etc., will inevitably end up in more of them closing.
Rumpke, which services the recycling drop-offs, has this list of what you can and cannot recycle.
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