Aggregation To Be Discussed At Next Meeting

Residents of Tate Township should attend the next trustees meeting on July 10th at 7:00 pm to hear the presentation from Trebel LLC.  We will hear about the benefits to the community when the trustees are able to form an Aggregation.

Under Ohio law, an Aggregation is the only way to allow the Trustees to enter into a contract for electric and gas generation charges to save residents money on their energy bill.  Any contracts made would be for the generation charge only. The transmission and distribution would stay with Duke.

Your trustees will be asking you to vote on this issue in the fall because they cannot sign a contract to lower your generation charges without it.   This Aggregation only allows the Trustees to pick the best deal available on behalf of the residents.  IF a contract is formed, it does allow residents to opt out,  cancel, or join at any time.

Please join the trustees on July 10th to hear the presentation about forming an Aggregation and to have any of your questions answered.

The_Basics_of_Governmental_Energy_Aggregation Ohio Consumer Fact Sheet