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There will be a special meeting to discuss employee business and policies for the Maintenance Dept. and cemetery business on March 22, 2016 at 7pm at the firehouse.


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Tate Township, Clermont County Ohio mailing address:

2821 Dean Rd.     Bethel, Ohio 45106


Community Christian Church (Bethel Church of Christ)

125 E. Plane St.

Bethel, Ohio 45106


Effective April 1, 2013.  The designated tornado shelter for Bethel and Tate Township has been moved to the Community Christian Church, also known as the Bethel Church of Christ located at 125 E Plane St.  In the case of a Tornado Warning, the shelter will be opened to accommodate anybody who would like to seek refuge.  Please park in the East St. parking lot and enter the building in the East St. entrance and proceed to the basement.  There will be a sign in sheet manned by either a Firefighter or Police Officer.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Chief Rick Stowell at 734-4444 or via email here.

Tate Township Hall

Tate Township Hall is located at:

149 North East Street

The Township Hall is also home to the Bethel Tate Fire Department.

Tate Township Trustee Meetings

2nd Tuesday of each month at the township hall at 7:00 pm

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Because of the discovery of the Asian Longhorn Beetle (ALB), the state of Ohio is restricting the movement of ALB host material and all hardwood firewood out of Tate Township and East Fork State Park.  That means that it is illegal to move regulated logs, firewood, stumps, roots, or branches, and any life stage of the beetle, out of those two areas. Click on the "insect issues" button to the right for meeting announcements and more information from the Clermont County website.




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Over the past several months, residents of Tate Township, the Village of Bethel and surrounding communities have been asked to support a picture fundraiser for Melvin Dean. The Bethel-Tate Fire Department would like to clarify a few things about this fundraiser:

  1. Melvin Dean has never been a member of the Bethel-Tate Fire Department. Mr. Dean was the Chief of the Bethel-Tate Joint Ambulance District before it dissolved in the spring of 2003.
  2. Melvin Dean did respond to New York City after the attacks on 9/11 on his own but was not sent in any official capacity.
  3. The Bethel-Tate Fire Department does not support or sponsor this fundraiser in any way.
  4. The Bethel-Tate Fire Department does not go door-to-door collecting monies for fundraisers.
  5. The Bethel-Tate Fire Department has contacted this picture fundraising company and asked them to stop using the fire department’s name.
  6. It is our understanding that they may be telling people that the picture session will be held at the firehouse, which is false.
  7. The Bethel-Tate Fire Department has contacted the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office and asks that any resident or communities please contact your local law enforcement agency if you are approached by these individuals.
If you should have any further questions or complaints, please contact the Clermont County Sheriffs Department at 513-732-7500.