Tate Township Meeting Summary

What Happened at the Last Tate Township Trustee Meeting?

Summary of the regular meeting of the Tate Township trustees that was held July 13,2021.

  • Trustees approved the 2022 budget and a 3-year contract with sheriff’s department for Eric Pike.  Click for the approved June2021 minutes. Jun 8 2021 Mtg.
  • Township residents questioned the trustees about a white bucket truck that cut down trees and limbs along Schaller Road because they leave behind the cuttings that fall into the ditch causing a dam.  The trustees were unaware of this and said they were not notified.  They want all residents to call the road department whenever debris is on a township owned road or in ditches along a township road. For a list or township maintained roads, go to the Road Maintenance page.
  • Julia Carney introduced herself to the trustees and attendees, she is the new Assistant Prosecutor for Clermont County.
  • June 2021 Cemetery report- 8 burials, 7 foundations ordered, and 3 graves sold.
  • June 2021 Roads report- Township roads were mowed 2nd time.  The new mowermax is expected at the end of the month. The Case boom mower will be put up for auction on Gov.com with a $15,000.00 reserve.  The report from the 2021 clean-up posted HERE.
  • June 2021 BTFD report- 164 calls were made (42 fire & 122 EMS).  Average response time was acceptable.  $155,000 damage sustained from a barn fire with the cause as undetermined.  BTFD update links: BTFD May 2021 Update , BTFD June 2021 Update
  • The Donald Road emergency siren is fixed and operating correctly.
  • June 2021 Planning & Zoning report- 6 permits were issued for a total of $825.  One BZA meeting was held.  The trustees will look at adding an agricultural sales permit.
  • June 2021 Deputy report- Pike responded to 79 calls, wrote 17 reports, had 1 accident report, wrote 3 tickets, and made 9 criminal arrests. He recovered $125,000 in stolen property and assisted the Village of Bethel with 38 calls.
  • Next meeting is August 10, 2021 at 7:00pm.

Summary of the regular meeting of the Tate Township trustees that was held June 8,2021.

  • Rob Williams was hired June 1, 2021 to be the Tate Township Zoning Inspector. George Eckert retire at the end of May and will help with the transition. Rob reprted 6 permits were issued in May.
  • BTFD report from May, there were 33 Fire calls and 128 EMS calls, up 30% from normal numbers.  There was 1 civilian fir injury from a kitchen fire.  The new BTFD tanker will be able to go out on calls once everyone is qualified to drive it. They are ordering side-sonar to go on the boat for water recovery. This will allow them to see clearly down 120 feet for searches. Tate will be the only department in the area to have one.  The money to purchase the sonar comes from proceeds made on drink purchases in the machines located at BTFD.
  • Cemetery report from May, there were 4 burials, 9 foundations ordered, and 7 graves sold (5 in & 2 out-of township sales).  A big thanks to the EMS crew for responding quickly to a possible heart attack patient during a burial.
  • Roads report from May, The MowerMax is ordered and due in July.  They discussed the amount of salt to purchase in 2022.  The amount has to be locked in for the current rate. They discussed an issue with township roads when contractors and homeowners destroy the road pavement putting in their culvert pipes.
  • Deputy report from May, reported that Tate residents are complaining of noise from the drive-in possibly due to trees removed nearby.  The drive-in is in Monroe Township and was previously granted immunity from the county noise ordinance.
  • Next meeting is July 13, 2021 at 7:00pm.

Summary of the regular meeting of the Tate Township trustees that was held May 11,2021.

  • BZA Board appointed Kristen Wilson to fill a vacant spot..
  • Cemetery report from April, there were 4 burials, 4 graves sold, and 10 foundations ordered.  They have 28 more foundations to get completed by Memorial Day weekend.  They will be needing to purchase more alterna-mats and plywood for funeral services when they cover the ground to protect the cemetery grounds
  • Roads report for April, they have mowed all township roads once.  They will be ordering a MowerMax to help cut up to 8 inch trees, bush-hog, stump grind, and ditch.
  • BTFD report from April, they went on 32 Fire calls and 112 EMS calls. BTFD Apr 2021 Update.  They are applying for a FEMA grant to 100% pay for additional full-time employees for 3 years.

Summary of the regular meeting of the Tate Township trustees that was held April 13, 2021.

  • Bethel-Tate Local School District’s Superintendent Melissa Kircher and Treasurer Karen Royer presented information at the April meeting about the upcoming emergency 5-year renewal levy that is needed to replace the current levy expiring this December 2021. The renewal levy will not begin collection until 2022 which is after the current levy expires.  Dave Brannock, school board president said this levy is to maintain the services we have right now in our schools.  Each mil in the BT school district generates $200,000 in tax revenue.  Royer added that she welcomes any calls from residents that want to know the exact cost of the renewal levy to their tax bill next year.   For every $100,000 of your home’s appraised value, you can expect an additional $18.55 annually. The levy is Issue#1 on the ballot on May 4th. The Township Trustees gave their support for the levy.  LEVY FACTS
  • Deputy Pike reported in March 2021, he wrote 18 new reports, had 2 criminal arrests, and worked 27 investigations.    He added that he goes out on all BTFD calls in the evenings when he is available.  He thanked the fire department for their assistance recently.
  • Cemetery report for March-There were 8 burials, 12 foundations sold, 13 graves sold (6 in-township/7 out-of-township).  They are in the process of pouring the foundations as the weather is improving.  They hope to have them caught up by Memorial Day.  One lowering device was repaired and both were overhauled so they are in good working order.
  • Maintenance report- The township Clean-Up dates are June 11 and 12, 2021 7:00am to 5:00pm.  IDs will be checked for Tate Township (including Bethel) residents.  There will be a small fee for tires.  No hazardous materials will be accepted.
  •  Zoning report for March 2021- There were 4 new home permits and 4 new garage permits given.  George Eckert has announced that he will retire on May 31.  He has worked for the township for 40 years.
  • BTFD report for March 2021-There were 131 calls of which 32 were fire and 99 were EMS.  There was $1400 fire loss, no fire injuries.  Response time is 1 1/2  minutes to get out the door. BTFD Mar 2021Update
  • The trustees signed a resolution for the Clermont County All Hazard and Litigations Plan, which is a plan for the whole county to work together with the emergency management team.
  • Next meeting is May 11, 2021.

Summary of the regular meeting of the Tate Township trustees that was held March 9, 2021.

  • Tate Township Junk Clean Up dates are agreed to be June 11 & 12, 2021, Friday and Saturday from 7:00am to 5:00pm each day.  It will be located at the Maintenance lot and Deputy Pike said he will get additional help to help with unloading.  IDs for township residency will be checked.
  • Deputy report for Feb, 2021- He made 47 calls, made 3 warrant arrests, along with his reports, stops, and help to the village.  Deputy Pike will be on day shift for up to 30 days in order to  help the USDA in a project on St Rt 232 for safety.
  • Zoning News for Feb, 2021-5 permits were issued. A new spreadsheet was designed and being used to report the progress of warnings issued to residents to clean-up when they are in zoning violation. Trustees can see the date of violations more easily. This will serve to make the township zoning enforcement more efficient.
  • The trustees accepted a bid for the resurfacing of the township road Wilson Rd this summer.
  • Bethel-Tate Fire Dept Feb, 2021 report- 131 calls were made.  Of that, 27 were fire and 104 were EMS.  The 2 vehicles that were posted to sell on the government auction site were sold in February.  The trustees approved a resolution to continue the fire department mutual aid agreement within Clermont County for another 5 years. The Chief expects to have the township newsletter out on the web site in April 2021.
  • Area news- There is a new company taking over the solar fields that are scheduled to built on the border of Clermont and Brown Counties.   The new company will start in Fall 2021.

Summary of the regular meeting of the Tate Township trustees that was held February 9, 2021

  • BTFD Jan/2021 report- Total of 140 calls with 31 fire and 109 EMS.  Reported by Sean O’Neil.  75% of the staff have taken both COVID vaccines.  The 08 ambulance is out of service with a cracked piston and too expensive to repair versus the age and miles of the vehicle.  It will be sold on the gov. deals auction  site. The new firehose has been received which was purchased using grant monies.
  • Cemetary report from Jan/2021- 15 burials, 13 graves purchased (10 in township/3 out of township), 9 foundations ordered. They discussed the option o building a permanent shelter for funeral set-ups that cannot be held grave side due to unsafe or wet conditions. Location and cost options will be reviewed and discussed in future meetings.
  • Road report from Jan/2021-The new backhoe is in and working out well. They will post the Chevy 3500 that is rusted out and patched together on the gov.deals for auction sale.  Township clean-up dates were discussed and will be finalized by the next meeting. In January, the road crew salted the roads 4X, plowed 3X, using 43 tons of salt.
  • Zoning in Jan/2021- 2 permits were issued, fro a garage and a remodel.

Summary of the regular meeting of the Tate Township trustees that was held November 10, 2020.

  • A resolution was made to use COVID relief funds for salaries.
  • Zoning- In October there were 3 permits issued for 1 deck, 1 carport, and 1 variance.
  • Cemetery- There were 10 burials, 9 foundation orders, and 10 graves sold ( 4 out of township/6 in township) in October.
  • BTFD- In October ( BTFD Oct 2020 Update ), there were 138 calls of which 32 were fire and 106 were EMS. There was 1 arson case. They received $137,487 for dividends for COVID relief from Gov. DeWine.  They are accepting the hose and nozzle bid from Heritage Fire Equipment for $94,849.99.  This is FEMA grant money.  The cost to Tate Township is 5%. Chief Stowell recommends (2) 3-way radios for the maintenance department to replace old radios for better communication between departments during snow and ice storms and other emergency situations.
  • Deputy Pike- In October there were 173 calls, 81 reports written, 2 accident reports, 12 criminal reports, and 17 assists to the Village of Bethel.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for December 8, 2020 at 7:00 pm. Please call the departments or the trustees with any concerns.

Summary of the September regular meeting of the Tate Township trustees that was held October 13, 2020. 

  • Commissioner Painter was in attendance to answer questions and update the trustees on county issues. One resident voiced a concern about the new traffic island that was installed in front of the Grant Career Center on St Rt 125.  Comm. Painter said the island and lane closure is State controlled and residents are welcome to call the State to voice their opinion Duke is looking to install a natural gas line running 15 miles from Bethel to Batavia.  Residents in the path of the pipeline will be offered to hook-up to natural gas.  Check the Duke website for information meeting dates.
  • Deputy report-  Deputy Pike made 64 calls in September, wrote 34 reports, and made 2 criminal arrests. Two juveniles are being held for breaking into Tate Township Maintenance barn.
  • Zoning- In September,7 permits were issued for 3 single family dwellings, 3 garages and 1 gazebo.
  • BTFD – BTFD Sep 2020 Update  The parking lot project from grant money is starting but not progressing. Comm. Painter says he will look into it. Th e replacement fence around the fuel pump has been installed. There will not be a staff Christmas party this year due to COVID.
  • Cemetery- In September there were 13 burials, 6 foundations sold, and 14 graves sold (2 out of township/12 township residents).

Summary of the September 2020 meeting of the Tate Township Trustees:

The Tate Township Trustees’ regular meeting was held on September 8, 2020, with all trustees present.

  • Zoning reported 10 new permits issued.
  • BTFD reported 147 calls in August, 39 fire, and 108 ambulance runs.  The new tanker truck is nearing completion.  The parking lot project, grant-funded, is expected to begin in mid-September. In other grant news, the new fire hoses will be ordered soon.  Another round of COVID-19 reimbursement money will be coming to the department to be used towards the touch-free towel dispenser,  A recent storm caused 2 large trees to damage the BTFD fence.  Insurance will cover the replacement. Find a copy of Rick Stowell’s BTFD Sep 2020 Update here: BTFD August 2020 Update
  • Cemetery report: 8 burials in August, 19 foundations ordered, 3 pre-paid open/closes, and 12 graves sold (1 was out-of-township). The East fork State Park has received a grant that they would like to use to replace fencing at the old church cemetery
  • Next meeting, October 13, 2020.
  • Approved August 10, 2020 meeting minutes HERE

Summary of the July 2020 meeting of the Tate Township Trustees:

The Tate Township Trustees’ regular meeting was held on July 14, 2020, with all trustees present.

  • Cemetery reported 3 burials in June, 7 foundations ordered, and 1 out-of-township grave sold.
  • Roads- The road crew has made good use out of the new Durapatcher machine.  The township roads are getting potholes filled and cracks sealed which will help extend the time between pavings.  Residents have been expressing their appreciation.  They have cleared all the trees for the future retaining wall going in between the cemetery and the maintenance yard. 6 private culverts were installed.  The Tate Township clean-up was held June 12 & 13, 2020 with residents dropping off 492 loads of junk. The clean-up report can be found here: Tate Township CleanUp 2020
  • BTFD-They received the relief money from HB481 for COVID-19 expenses.  They will purchase special CPR devices that help first responders avoid contact with patients. One will be placed in each ambulance. They are planning to purchase a UV light device that can disinfect buildings.  There is a new leak in one of the roofs, the trustees approved the repair. There was an arson fire on S. Union St. in June. The June 2020 BTFD report can be accessed here: BTFD June 2020 Update
  • Zoning- There were 5 permits issued.  The business signage has been moved at Sugartree & Rt 125 so it is out of the right-of-way. The trustees agreed to start the process to file Nuisance paperwork on residents that have been repeatedly asked to clean up their yards, served with grievance notices, and are still refusing to follow the Zoning rules.
  • Deputy Pike reported that all Clermont County deputies have been given more extensive training to be able to respond to mass gatherings and protests in the event they would get out of hand. The direct phone number to reach Deputy Eric Pike is 513-734-7088.  This will ring his cell phone when he is on duty and will go to voice mail (leave a message) when he is busy or off-duty. He asks that you only call him for non-emergencies.
  • Next meeting is August 11, 2020, at 7:00pm.

Summary of the June 26, 2020, Special meeting of the Tate Township Trustees:

The Tate Township trustees held a special meeting on June 26, 2020.  The item of business was HB481.  All trustees were present and unanimously accepted a resolution to accept HB481.  This will allow Tate Township to receive funds from the State for extra expenses that are related to COVID-19. No other actions were taken.

Summary of the June  9, 2020 Regular meeting of the Tate Township Trustees:

The Tate Township Trustees’ regular meeting was held on June 9, 2020, with trustees Gary Reed, Greg Burns, and Bob Redden present.

  • The BTFD news- The chief’s “old” vehicle was placed on the government sale site to sell and it did not receive the minimum bid.  The trustees will have the lights replaced with amber lights and it will be used as a cemetery and road maintenance vehicle.  This will save the township in fuel costs when a larger truck is not necessary.  Rick has heard nothing yet from the engineers about the parking lot job, from a previously received grant.  He is waiting on Senate Bill 30 to get funding dollars to buy special UV lighting that will be able to kill germs for the fire department and the ambulances.  The new ISO classification for the township is the best it has ever been.  Tate is now rated 33Y.  This will lower the resident’s home insurance costs.  The trustees had a discussion about how to get more fire hydrants into the township.  The fire department building has re-opened.  The BTFD Apr2020 Update & BTFD May2020 Update can be found on this page link.
  • Cemetery news- In May there were 7 burials, 7 foundations sold, and 3 graves sold to township residents.
  • Maintenance news- The Spring clean-up is this weekend.  The Village of Bethel may be sending help.  The trustees approved the purchase of a thermometer to read daily temperatures of maintenance employees.  Currently, they are going to the fire department building to get their temperatures checked each morning before work.
  • Next Tate Township meeting is scheduled for July 14, 2020 at 7:00pm.

Summary of the March 2020 meeting of the Tate Township Trustees:

The Tate Township Trustees’ regular meeting was held on March 10, 2020, with trustees Gary Reed and Bob Redden present. Greg Burns was absent.

  • Jeannie Zurmehly spoke to the trustees to say that, even though she is running unopposed, she would appreciate their support and votes. Zurmehly is running for Clermont County Treasurer.
  • A Drug Take-Back is scheduled for April 25 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm as a drive-through drop off.  It will take place in the parking lot of the Bethel-Tate Fire Department. Anyone can drop off old or unused drugs of any kind including liquids.  The drugs can be for animals or humans.  If they need to be disposed of, please use this service to easily get rid of expired, unused, or dangerous prescription or non-prescription drugs.
  • A representative from the Adams-Clermont Solid Waste Co. asked the trustees to support using the BT high school parking lot as a site for a public use recycle dumpster.  They would provide it a no-cost and it would benefit the community as well as the high school building.  Student groups have contacted the Adams-Clermont Solid Waste Facility asking for help with their recycling efforts.  Currently, there are no provisions for collecting recycled products.  Adams-Clermont will provide recycling containers in all the classrooms.  The Village and Township deputies would work with Adams-Clermont Waste to prosecute individuals that dump illegally. The trustees said they would make the suggestion to the BT School Board at their next meeting.
  • The BTFD made 151 runs in February 2020, 36 fire and 115 EMS.  March BTFD update.
  • The cemetery had 5 burials in February, sold 4 foundations, and 1 grave.  They set 2 culverts for residents.  They used 21.5 tons of salt last month and have 222 tons left that will be kept in the new salt storage.
  • The next meeting is currently scheduled for April 14, 2020, at 7:00pm.

Summary of the February 2020 meeting of the Tate Township Trustees:

The regular meeting of the Tate Township Trustees was held on February 11, 2020, with all three trustees present.  Gary Reed ran the meeting.

  • A representative from the energy company behind the solar panel farm came to the meeting to talk to the trustees and answer any questions.  His main concern for the visit was to ask for the trustee’s support with a PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes).  Because the tax revenue of the 610 acres will be lost to future development, the energy company will guarantee $9000 per megawatt goes to the county to be dispersed back to the townships similar to real estate tax distribution. The advantage of the PILOT is it would benefit the schools and emergency services without putting an additional burden on them. For the entire news post.
  • Zoning-  3 permits were issued in January. 1 is a new residence.  George is working on generating a map of the Old Bethel Cemetery, located in East Fork State Park for future knowledge of the correct placement when the remaining plot/site owners need to be buried.
  • Cemetery- 8 burials in January
  • Roads- Trustees approved the contract for the architect to draw plans for a retaining wall between the maintenance building and the cemetery.  Trustees approved the purchase and payment of a Duropatch machine to be shared 50/50 with Williamsburg Township in time and all costs.
  • BTFD & EMS- The 2008 ambulance is still in the shop and will be back in service soon. The trustees approved a new vehicle for the chief to be ordered, 2020 Silverado 1500.  The current vehicle will be sold on the gov.org auction site.
  • The annual Tate Township clean-up dates are set for June 12th and 13th from 7:00am to 5:00pm each day.  More details later.

Summary of the January 2020 meeting of the Tate Township Trustees:

The regular meeting of the Tate Township Trustees was held on January 14, 2020, two trustees were present. Gary Reed ran the meeting as the 2020 chairperson, Bob Redden was present as the new trustee, and Greg Burns was absent.

  • At the organizational meeting, the trustees decided to try keeping the gates of the cemetery open, making it more accessible to residents wanting to visit or walk it. If there are problems in the cemetery because of this, they will go back to locking the gates at dusk.
  • The Village of Bethel police department would like to thank the Township for the CPR and taser training.  They also want residents to know that the Village has had complaints about coyote packs within the town limits.
  • The rowing regatta is slated for the weekend of May 16th.  One of Bethel-Tate’s high school students is organizing a community event with live bands in Burke Park and fireworks display.  He is raising funds through public donations.
  • Cemetery Report- There were 4 burials and 1 foundation order. Five graves were sold to Tate residents.
  • Roads Report- They have been berming Wilson Road to help with pull-offs when 2 cars are approaching in opposite directions.  They installed 8 private driveway culverts.  Trustees approved getting an architect to plan a retaining wall needed between the cemetery and the maintenance building.
  • The BTFD station now has emergency 911 phone boxes installed for residents that come to the station.  The department cannot respond to a walk-up request for help.  Time is wasted when residents bang on the doors of the station.  All emergencies must be called-in to 911 to be dispatched.  Chief Stowell is hoping that the 911 boxes will help residents that do not have access to phones in an emergency situation so that help can be dispatched quickly.  The parking lot grant money has still not been released.  They are ordering 4 sets of turnout fire gear to keep everything on the 10-year rotation. The 2020 department roster was approved by the trustees.
  • All year-end reports from the departments are on the EOY report page.

Summary of the November 2019 meeting of the Tate Township Trustees:

At the November 12, 2019, regular meeting of the Tate Township Trustees, all trustees were present. Greg Burns ran the meeting

  • The trustees approved the purchase of different liability coverage which will be cost savings and provide better coverage.
  • The trustees congratulated Bob Redden for willing the election and look forward to working with him.
  • The week of 1/26-2/1/2020 will be School Choice Week in Tate Township.
  • Zoning Department – 4 permits were issued in October.
  • Cemetery – In October, there were 12 burials, 10 new foundations sold, 18 foundations poured, and 5 graves were sold ( 3 in-township and 2 out-of-township).
  • Roads – Replaced 3 culverts on township roads, and various ditching was performed.  The 54″ culvert was installed on Wilson Road.
  • Fire Department & EMS – Total calls for October was 170, (fire calls-38, EMS calls-138).  The new phone system is installed and expected to be connected this week.  Choice One  Engineering has sent the specs for the parking lot to Clermont County to be put out for bid.  The parking lot project is part of a previously awarded grant. The trustees approved hiring (4) personnel for part-time status.

Summary of the August 2019 meeting of the Tate Township Trustees:

In the August 13, 2019 regular meeting of the Tate Township Trustees, all trustees were present and Greg Burns ran the meeting.

  • Zoning report for July- 4 building permits were issued.  2 violation letters were sent.
  • BTFD report- Total of 157 runs for July with no fire loss.  The new phone system cables have been installed in the fire department building.  They will continue to install cables in the other two buildings of the township.  Once they are finished with the installation, Cincinnati Bell will come out to hook up the new system.  This will bring the phone system up to date from separated residential systems to one connected commercial system.
  • Cemetery report- In July there were 3 funerals, 3 open/close grave pre-payments, 8 foundation orders, and 2 graves sold to out-of-township residents.  The department took down 3 dead or fallen trees in the cemetery.
  • Road report- Culvert and ditch work continues on Moore Road. In an estimated 3 weeks, they will finish and turn it over to the paving company.  The road salt that was contracted for last year just arrived this week.
  • The trustees discussed the aging old 1992 backhoe and agreed for the department to start looking into used equipment.  The search may take some time as the used backhoes are far and few between.
  • The trustees would like to remind everyone that there is a Tate Township police levy on the November ballot.


Summary of the May 2019 meeting of the Tate Township Trustees:

In the May 14, 2019 regular meeting of the Tate Township Trustees, all trustees were present and Greg Burns ran the meeting.

  • Cemetery – In April there were 6 burials, 9 foundations ordered, and 4 grave plots (2 in-township & 2 out of-township) sold.  People who walk their dogs in the cemetery are asked to please clean-up after their pets.
  • Roads & Maintenance- The salt bin is finished with the tarp on the top.  There are concerns that children are playing on top of the pile and could get injured.  The trustees suggested that a sign be placed by the salt bin to say “Keep Off”.  The road department will need to order about $2500 in culvert pipes to restock for this year.
  • Township Officer- In April there were 71 calls, 33 reports written, 11 warrants served, and recovered $500 worth of stolen property. The call volume has been increasing and the property crimes and burglaries is not increasing.
  • Fire Department & EMS- In April, there were 130 total runs (30 fire & 100 EMS).  Response time is good.  The parking lot grant is waiting on the environmental study which will be done in July.  Bids will then go out and it may be next year before the work is started.
  • The quarter auction held by the Ladies Auxiliary brought in $2727 profit which will be used to purchase a big sceen TV to replace the message board.
  • Planning & Zoning- 5 permits were issued in April.  They are working on a discrepancy in address numbers on township roads.
  • Reminder that the 2019 Tate Township clean-up days are June 21st & 22nd.


Summary of the April meeting of the Tate Township Trustees:

The regular meeting of the trustees was held April 9, 2019.  All trustees were in attendance.  Greg Burns called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. Reports were given by each department.

  • Visitor: Adam Byrd, current Superintendent of New Richmond schools introduced himself to the trustees and announced he would be running in 2020 for the 66th District for State Representative.
  • The trustees opened the road bids for paving Moore Rd this summer.  Bids were received from Brown County Construction, Filmore Construction, Roberts Paving, and Brown County Asphalt. Burns handed them over to the Roads Supervisor to compare and report back to the trustee on Monday April 15, 2019 at 3:00pm for a special meeting to determine which company to award it to.
  • Zoning reported that he spends half of his time working on and attending mediation meetings for 2 properties in the township.
  • Fire Chief reported 161 total calls were made in March, 43 were fire and 118 were EMS.  The response time has improved by 1 minute.  The complete March report is posted on the BTFD page.  He has not heard anything about the parking lot grant yet. He is currently checking with all phone carriers tp give quotes for a new phone system to be used in all Tate Township buildings.
  • Cemetery Sexton reported 10 burials, 2 Saturday burials, 6 foundation orders, and sold 11 graves of which 9 were in township and 2 are out of township.
  • Roads- Moore Road will need 7 culverts replaced and quite a bit of ditching before re-paving.  He will need to rent a jack hammer for $400 a week to break through the concrete covered culverts that have rusted out.  The salt storage concrete pad is poured with the 2nd row of blocks just set and 20 more blocks will be added.
  • Trustees discussed the solar farm that is going in on the Brown/Clermont line with some of the acreage in Tate.  The county commissioners okayed the project without consulting the township officials. The concerns are about possible road damage to both county and township roads and not knowing the details of the project.  There were also questions about whether there would be any revenue in taxes to the township since the land being used will no longer be able to be farmed or developed which would generate tax dollars.

Summary of the March meeting of the Tate Township Trustees:

The regular meeting of the trustees was held March 12,2019.  Reports were given by each department.

  • Zoning department reported 2 permits issued for a garage and a porch.  Violation letters have been sent out.  He is continuing efforts to work with mediation on some homesteads.
  • Deputy reported a slow month.  He was able to get to the transportation department of Bethel-Tate to talk with drivers of school buses about safety to kids.  Pike had 53 calls, wrote 17 reports, issued 11 warnings, and assisted Bethel Village 12 times.  He will schedule the workers for the Tate Township clean-up to help the Township employees.
  • Cemetery department reported they had 9 funerals, sold 3 foundations and 3 graves.  They will be taking the old Christmas decor off graves before Easter and the mowing season begins.
  • Roads & Maintenance department reported they have poured the pad for the salt storage. They will put out for bids on re-paving 1.3 miles of Moore Road and 5 culverts will need replaced.
  • Fire & EMS department reported they had 145 calls total, 28 were fire and 117 were EMS.  They responded to 6 mutual aid calls.  They need to replace the lanterns on fire truck with LED for $625.  The Ladies Auxiliary will hold its annual quarter auction the 3rd weekend in April to raise money to replace the old rotating red lights with new LEDs.  A big thank you to the Ladies for making food for the recent Tolin funeral.  The BTFD will be starting its annual flushing soon.

Summary of the February meeting of the Tate Township Trustees:


The regular meeting of the trustees was held Feb, 12, 2019. Greg Burns, Chairperson, ran the meeting.  Both trustees Howard Daugherty  and Gary Reed were in attendance.

    • Visitor; John McGraw, Trustee from Union Township was in attendance to visit and say he will be running for a County position.
    • Visitor:  Resident remarked that the Tate Township road crew has been doing a great job this winter.
    • Cemetery report- January had 9 burials, 2 foundations sold, and 6 foundations sold in Tate.  The new mats purchased to protect the ground for machine access to grave sites have arrived.  They are easy to walk on and there is less slippage. This year’s mowing service will remain the same as last year.
    • Road report The Trisler Rd. upgrade is tentatively scheduled to start April 1.  The grinding will be used for township road berms and future cemetery roads. The township clean-up dates will be a little later this year, probably in June. The trustees gave approval for a concrete slab and tarp shed to be built before 4/30 for road salt storage so they don’t lose the contracted lower price.
    • Fire & EMS report  In January, there were 156 calls of which 36 were for fire.  There was $250 fire loss.  The grant for the parking lot/driveway is probably not going to be completed until next summer because of regulations that require an environmental study by the County.  Recommended hiring of Cory Meyers for 1 year probation and he must pass the paramedic class within 1 year of hire.  Recommended Tyler Buschard for a volunteer FF position. Recommend promoting Allison Zahn from probation to PT status.  We have been without a chaplain for several years and now have a volunteer for that position. Trustees approved  1 more auto load system to be purchased called power-cot load system.
    • Trustees adopted ORC 505.64 per State requirement.
    • Next meeting March 12th @ 7:00 p.m.

Summary of the January meeting of the Tate Township Trustees:

The regular meeting of the trustees was held Jan. 8, 2019. Howard Daugherty ran the meeting as this year’s Vice-Chairperson. Gary Reed was in attendance.  Greg Burns is the 2019 Chairperson but was not attending the meeting.

  • Visitors included Nick, a Boy Scout attending the meeting to take notes for his communication badge. There were 6 residents expressing their concerns about a land owner near them who is making them feel unsafe. They gave several reasons to the trustees and Deputy Pike gave them information about calling the Clermont County Sheriff’s office.
  • Chief Stowell gave the BTFD report for December. There were 163 calls. The total fire loss for the year 2018 was $124,355. The fire department has been selling old equipment on Gov.deals with pretty good success. The department is happy to have received the parking lot grant that totals $100.000. The construction company will be starting with the paperwork on February 1st. The old asphalt removed will be taken to the Tate Township cemetery to be used for new cemetery roads.
  • Deputy Pike reported that he made 61 calls in the last month, wrote 32 new reports, served 2 warrants, and closed 10 reports.
  • Cemetery news- In December there were 8 funerals held, 9 graves sold of which 3 were out of township residents.
  • Road news- The broken culvert on Canter Road currently has steel plates over the cave in hole. The trustees approved the cost of$2500 for a contractor with the right equipment to remove and replace the culverts with the township’s materials.The road will have to be closed during repairs.

Summary of the December meeting of the Tate Township Trustees:

  • Public participation- A question was asked  about the police levy failing in November.  Will the trustees run the levy again in May?  They answered that the May ballot is too expensive and so any future police levy would not be considered until the November 2019 election.
  • Zoning- 4 permits were issued in November.  George added that he continues to  go to mediations and send notices to landowners that are not in compliance with the township ordinances.
  • BT Fire Department and EMS- They had 147 calls in November and the BTFD is responding within 5 1/2 minutes. In old news, the old lights from the station have been sold on gov deals and they will contact the high bidder from the radio to see if they want the radio.  They received news that Bethel-Tate was awarded the CCBG grant from the county for $99,752 with the Tate Township local match of $18,000, totaling $117,752 to pay for a new concrete parking lot at the station.  As part of the requirements for the FEMA grant that was awarded, the Township will post a legal notice for 14 days to receive bids for 36 self-contained breathing apparatus.  In new news, the BTFD wants to  sell some used equipment that will be posted on gov.deals.  There are (2) 3″ portable pumps and a 220 portable air compressor that will be listed on the site.
  • Cemetery- There were 7 burials in November, 2 foundations sold, 3 graves sold, and 1 grave site bought back at original purchase price.  They borrowed plastic grate mats from another cemetery to try out as vehicle tracks when preparing the grave sites for funerals.  The trustees approved buying 40 of the mats.  Ed reported that funeral attendees should not be walking on them but they do. Recently a woman walked on the boards, slipped and fell but refused medical treatment.
  • A special organizational meeting will be held 12/26/2018 at 8:00 am and the bids will be read for the FEMA grant so they can be purchased before the end of the year.

Summary of the October meeting of the Tate Township Trustees:

  • Public participation- News from the Village of Bethel- On the November ballot, the repeal for municipal income tax will be voted on. A yes vote will be a vote to get rid of it. A no vote will be a vote to keep it. Liquor permits are also on the ballot in an effort to bring in bigger chain restaurants and stores.  The township police levy has been put on the Village ballot in error.  The trustees will call to try to get it off the Village precincts.
  • Several residents attended to find out the status of a family living a parcel of land without sanitary conditions.  The trustees are now going through the prosecutors office to try and get the situation resolved.  Mediation has been ineffective.
  • A resident brought in a copy of his insurance for the Fire Chief because of a letter he received.  The Chief explained that he had been transported in a BT ambulance and was sent a “soft” bill.  This is sent to try to recover some EMT service costs.  If the resident does not have insurance there is no payment due.  If the resident does have insurance, the amount paid by the insurance  company will be accepted as full payment.
  • Roads- Happy Hollow Road is set to be blacktopped in about 3 weeks.
  • The fire department completed all the fire prevention classes for grades K-5 in Bethel-Tate schools.  BTFD made a total of 160 runs in September 2018, 39 fire and 121 EMS.

Summary of the July meeting of the Tate Township Trustees that was held 07/10/18:

  • The trustees voted to accept the 2019 budget.
  • Mrs. Marx addressed the trustees about the cemetery rules regarding the decorating of graves.  The concern is that there are people who want to have flowers on their loved ones’ graves but there are many monuments and markers that do not have vases or room on the stone for flowers to be placed.  The trustees understand the concern and appreciate the information.  Ed Stanley suggested they call and make an appointment to discuss options that might be available. If decorations are within the rules of the cemetery, they will not be taken off.
  • Mr. Painter, the county commissioner, was present to address the trustees about the possible additional 1% hotel tax which would be spent on buying down the debt of the FC Soccer team’s professional sports complex in Clermont County.  He assured the trustees that he would keep an open conversation going as soon as he knows more.  He is worried that false rumors will start circulating and the county residents will not get all the right information to make a voting decision.
  • Mr. Harvey asked Mr. Painter about the additional $5 license fee that was recently added.  Mr. Painter said that the funds are earmarked specifically for road repair in all of Clermont County.
  • A representative of an energy consultant firm addressed the trustees about putting the aggregation back on the ballot. The trustees said they are not interested in running it again because the residents voiced their opinion by voting it down in November 2017.  They respect that decision.
  • Officer Pike reported that he is getting complaints about cars parking on township roads that are already narrow.  No Parking signs seem to have disappeared over the years.  Chief Stowell said they could use Fire Lane signs to be sure the roads stay clear to through traffic and emergency vehicles. Mr. Stanley will check into it and mentioned they would probably cost about $50 each. Pike said he had to ask a group of people to leave the cemetery because they were playing a video “catch” game and walking all over the graves.  No law was broken, however it was disrespectful. Officer Pike asked about his renewal contract.  The trustees said they can only keep his services if the voters pass a officer levy in November.  They voted to accept the contract with a possible cancellation if the levy fails.
  • Zoning- George Eckert had 5 permits for room additions in June.  He reported on a number of ongoing property neglect and trash situations as well as illegal residencies.  In the past, he has tried to work through a mediator to get the situations resolved but that it a slow process and doesn’t always work..  He is now using the county agencies that have more authority and hopes this will encourage residents to follow zoning regulations to avoid penalties.
  • Fire & EMS- Chief Stowell reported 242 total runs in June, 42 were fire and 162 were EMS.The June total for fire loss was $45,700.  As a part of the Statewide Mutual Aide, the BTFD water truck was used in Portsmouth to help keep the hospital running and cooled while they had no water at all in their water mains. The 2 trucks that aided were pumping 83,000 gallons a day. He noted that, in an emergency here, we had Felicity’s water truck as a back up. Still waiting on final news for 3 grants that were applied for.
  • Cemetery- Ed Stanley reported 4 funerals in June and 2 foundations ordered. They have been replacing driveway and road culverts as well as continuing work on Happy Hollow Rd. He needs to order winter road salt by July 13th and the program now requires each entity to buy at least 80% of what they pre-order.  He asked the trustees to consider building a salt barn.

Summary of the June meeting of the Tate Township Trustees that was held 06/12/18:

  • Some residents were in attendance to ask questions about the ditching and resurfacing of Happy Hollow Road.  They would like it wider while the work is being done. Trustee Burns explained that the width of the road and the ditch area is limited by what was originally determined in the early days of the township. The township only has control of the easement and the road.
  • Officer Pike made 55 calls in the month of May, gave 16 warnings, had 2 criminal arrests, and 26 investigations.
  • The Assistant Chief gave the May Fire and EMS report- They had 147 EMS runs and 75 fire runs.  The 2008 ambulance is now back in service.  They have been awarded the grant for the BTFD parking lot and have been granted 2 additional radios valued at $7000 which are in Columbus getting programmed.
  • In cemetery news, Ed Stanley reported there were 8 funerals in May and 8 new foundation orders.  They poured 27 foundations and sold 3 graves to in-township residents.
  • In road news, there are  now 2 roads with metal plates on them waiting for the maintenance crew to be able to have good weather and the time to repair them.
  • The Trustees passed a resolution to get millage information in order to put a levy for deputy protection on the ballot in November.
  • Trustee Daugherty made a proclamation that Tate be a purple heart township. He asked that the township purchase and place 4 signs at the main entrances to the township.

Summary of the May meeting of the Tate Township Trustees that was held 05/08/18:

  • Comments and questions for the trustees: Residents were in attendance to thank the trustees for continuing to offer the clean-up days. A member of the village council asked the trustees to consider forming a transparency board composed of officials from the township, village, and schools to bring ideas together.
  • Deputy Pike – Thank you to the trustees for getting curbside recycling for the residents.  Cameras are going to be installed at the recycle bins up at the grocery parking lot to help prevent the unwanted items being dumped there.  The trustees thanked Pike for getting the extra help for clean-up days.  Pike said that checking IDs to be sure they are residents helped too.  They did turn about 20 non-residents away. During the month of April, he had 67 calls, 21 reports, 4 traffic stops, 28 investigations and recovered $500 of stolen property.
  • Zoning – George Eckert reported there were permits for 2 room additions, 2 porches, 2 garages, 1 in-ground pool and 1 deck issued last month. He has been working with several homes to get them to clean up yards and get rid of non-licensed vehicles.
  • Roads – Ed Stanley reported that Happy Hollow Road will be paved once they finish the culverts and prep work by Brown County Asphalt.  The old road signs that were replaced weighed over 2000 pounds and brought in $830 from recycling them.  The heavy and continuous rains we are having is undermining the old culvert pipes quicker than the road crews are able to get to them to be replaced.  They are having to put steel plates over some pipes that gravel doesn’t fix.
  • Cemetery – They are waiting on the weather to put in foundations for 24 markers and stones.  The mowers have cut every Monday 3 times now and they are doing great.  Last month there were 10 funerals, 2 foundation orders, and 2 graves sold to residents.
  • Fire Department & EMS – Rick Stowell reported there were 159 total calls of which 39 were fire and 120 were EMS.  They had 1 fatal fire and 1 firefighter injury.  The 2008 ambulance is in the alignment shop.  He has located a security system with 6 cameras to be used at the fire ststion.  The BTMS will be conducting a mock disaster at the Bethel Woods complex which is similar to a fire drill for the residents.  The Ladies Auxiliairy brought in $2900 from the quarter auction

Summary of the April meeting of the Tate Township Trustees that was held 04/10/18.

  • Comments and questions for the trustees: Neighbors are complaining about trailers on Donald road that have been there awhile.  The trustees acknowledged their issue and assured them that Zoning has been working on it for 2 years. George Eckert explained the steps and mediation he has been through with this property. This is a process that has to go through the court system which also takes a lot of time.
  • Tom Bixler came to the meeting to explain who he is and why he is running for county commissioner in May.
  • Deputy Pike said he has a work task force lined up to help with the Tate Township clean-up this Friday and Saturday.  He will be checking IDs to be sure they are in the township.
  • Chief Stowell reported the Bethel-Tate Fire Department & EMS responded to 166 emergencies in March, 38 fire & 128 ambulance runs. Average time to leave the station was 1 1/2 minutes and they averaged 5 1/2 minutes to be on the scene. The complete BTFD Mar 2018 Update is on the BTFD page.   They are still waiting on word for breathing pads grant application but they have heard that the pumper tank grant has been denied.  The ladder truck is in Columbus getting the cylinders fixed.  The trustees approved a motion to purchase the extended warranty on the heart monitors that communicate when they are in route with/to the hospitals.
  • Please go to the middle school on Thursday, April 19, 2018 to support the Ladies Auxiliary Quarter Auction.  All the money is used to help purchase needed items for the fire department.
  • Ed Stanley- reported 7 funerals in March and 3 foundation orders.  Once it gets dry enough to get heavy equipment out, they will be able to form the foundations and place the 18 stones on graves.  Meanwhile, the crew has been replacing road signs on the township roads with over 400 poles and signs so far.  These were purchased through a State grant at no cost to the residents.  We have received word that the Trisler Road culvert and pavement replacement grant has been awarded.  Tate Township’s matching portion will be $24,000.  The focus of the road repair work this summer will be on Happy Hollow Road.  The trustees opened the 3 bids and will compare their specifics and announce who the job is awarded to soon.  Once the road department is finished with the ditching and repairing, the paving company will repave Happy Hollow Road.

Summary of the March meeting of the Tate Township Trustees that was held 03/13/18.

  • Zoning Report- The house on Donald Road is dismissed and it’s now in foreclosure.  There is a new complaint on Sugartree Road that is being investigated.
  • Sheriff Report- There were 52 calls in the month of February with 2 arrests.  Nothing out of the ordinary was reported,
  • Fire Department & EMS Report- There were 139 calls in February, 30 fire and 109 were EMS.  The 2005 ambulance was  sold for $7300 on the government auction site to a traveling doctor.  The 2008 ambulance  is getting repaired from the accident in Williamsburg at their insurance expense.  The safety meeting at the BT high school went well with about 20 people in attendance and all questions answered about safety in a tornado, mass shootings, and other disaster situations.  In new business, there is a concern about the number of people wasting precious response time by physically going to the BTFD building to report emergencies.  In 2017 there wer 37 times when citizens reported emergencies at the fire department.  The Chief has requested that a 911 box be installed outside the building.
  • Cemetery Report- In February there were 7 funerals, 7 graves were sold (6 in township & 1 out of township), and 5 graves were bought back.
  • Roads Report- The focus has been on fixing Happy Hollow Road which has fallen apart this past winter.  There will need to be a lot of ditching work, 5 more road culverts replaced as well as 12 to 13 driveway pipes replaced before the road will be ready for a much-needed repaving.
  • The Tate Township cleanup dates were discussed and the earliest possible dates were picked from weekends listed as available from Rumpke.  April 13th & April 14th will be the cleanup dates from 7:00am to 5:00pm each day.  The trustees will make sure that someone will be there to check IDs for proof of Tate residency. A bulletin will be posted in all businesses in Bethel.

Summary of the February meeting of the Tate Township Trustees that was held 2/10/2018.,

  • A representative from Rumpke  would still like to offer the unified pricing plan to the township residents, which was presented at the last meeting.  The trustees would not need to take action because there is no contract.    Regardless of the trustee’s decision, any resident that uses Rumpke now and is over age 65 can contact Rumpke to receive a $2 discount on their bill each month.
  • Former trustee Frank Wilson was in attendance and wanted to say that all the employees of the township are doing a great job.  Also in attendance, newly elected school board member Bill Shula expressed his sincere thanks to the BTFD, EMS, and Bethel Police for reacting so quickly when he had an emergency and calling the UC air care, which he credits for saving his life. We are lucky to have skilled and quick thinking employees that can handle life or death situations so well.
  • Zoning- George Eckert had 4 new permits in January.  He had no new news to report.
  • Cemetery- Ed Stanley reported 10 funerals in January and 7 (in township) graves were sold.
  • Roads- The road crews salted the township roads 6 times in January and used 88 tons of salt.    All the signs and hardware have now been received.  They now begin the long process of replacing all the township road signs.
  • Fire dept & EMS- Rick Stowell reported 170 calls in January of which 37 were fire and 133 were EMS.  There was only $750 of reported fire damage.  The average time for anyone in the department to be out the door to a response is 1 minute and they are on the scene in 4.75 minutes.   They have submitted 1 grant for a new parking lot around the BTFD.  They have also submitted a grant request for new firefighter breathing equipment and pumper tanker.  The new ambulance should be in service by Friday.
  • Sheriff’s report-  In January there was 1 breaking and entering, 2 burglaries,  1 criminal damage, 4 assaults, 3 domestic violence, and 7 reports of theft in Tate Township.

Summary of the January meeting of the Tate Township Trustees that was held 1/9/2018.

Rick, a representative of Rumpke, offered a recycle & trash removal plan to the trustees for Tate Township.  This would add a recycle curbside pickup to all township residents outside the Village of Bethel and include 1 large pickup a month per house at no additional charge.  There would be a $2 per month discount for senior citizens.  Recycle bins or carts would be provided to each resident that uses Rumpke.   If the residents would be interested in adding curbside recycling and the trustees give the okay, the monthly charge would be $19.25 and could be started within one month.

Officer Pike reported that the Next Door App is being used by some Tate residents.  Anyone can go to NextDoor.com and sign up or get more information.  The FOP (fraternal Order of Police) will be calling residents for their annual fundraising.

Road & Maintenance- Ed Stanley gave the year-end report for the maintenance department.  He reported that all the hardware and posts have been delivered from the State grant and they are waiting on the signs.  They will be stored in the Maintenance buildings until they are able to start the replacement process.

Cemetery News-  The Trustees approved the rules for the new cremation area of the cemetery. The cost will be different because the plot sizes are smaller.  Only flush mount headstones within the size of 12″ x 24″ will be permitted.  No above ground height monuments will be allowed.   Ed has received a bid for the 2018 year cemetery mowing.

Fire & EMS- Rick Stowell gave December and Year-end reports. They will be placing the 2005 ambulance online for auction in February.  The new ambulance is here and waiting on latching to be installed before it is put into service probably in March.  New: The fire department meets the requirements for a grant to replace the parking lot around the BTFD building.  The trustees gave approval for them to apply for the grant.   The department now has 11 out of 12 full timers certified in the ICE rescue training.

The December meeting of the Tate Township Trustees was held 12/11/17.  Here is a summary of the meeting events.  The approved minutes are posted to the Meeting minutes page.

Special Re-organizational meeting 5:00 pm: The trustees and department chairs met in executive session to discuss personnel.  In the open meeting, the trustees accepted all resolutions for pay and zoning fee changes.  An amendment was made to appoint John Wilson to the zoning appeals board.  A motion was made to appoint Diane Eckert to close the cemetery gates at dusk & open and close them on weekends.

December Regular meeting 7:00 pm:

  • A representative for the garbage collection/waste bids came to talk to the township.  They have rejected all bids because of the terms and will ask for new bids with clarification and change the contract request to 3 or less.  They expect bids back in February.  The next step is to hear the bids from the other companies (Solid Waste & Republic) in February or March.
  • Zoning- George Eckert reports there were 4 new home permits and 1 garage permit.  The house on Brown Street went up for sheriffs auction on 12/17/17. On Donald Road, the camper in front of the mobile home is up for sale and they say the side yard camper is not being used to live in..  On Jones Florer Road, the garage burned and the owners are cleaning it up. He is working to get a yard cleaned up on Swings Corner Road.  New news: A house on St Rt 133 that he has posted notes on the home and sent letters.  The owner said they are trying to find a contractor and lawn care service to fix the issue.
  • Cemetery & Roads- Ed Stanley reports there were 8 funerals in November, 10 graves sold with 4 to township residents and 6 to out of township residents. Stanley asked trustees to consider banning a dome vault int the Township cemetery.  Reed said he needed more time before making a decision.
  • The cemetery would like to have one area dedicated to cremation burials.  The plots are sized smaller and flat stones would be required.  They would sell for $200 each
  • The 550 dump truck is working well.  The crew needs a chain saw that will fit into the truck.  The trustees approved the purchase of a Stihl saw with 2 extra chains and a bar cover.
  • A laser transit is needed to do the ditch work and culverts to measure fall for water flow.  The trustees approved the purchase  of  a new transit.

The November meeting of the Tate Township Trustees was held 11/14/17.  Here is a summary of the meeting events. The minutes, when they are approved by the trustees, will be posted to the website after the December meeting.

  • Congratulations to Gary Reed and Greg Burns on their re-election to the trustee positions.
  • Zoning news- George Eckert reported that 7 permits were issued with 1 new construction, a deck, and 2 garages.  He says that construction is starting to pick back up.  The house on Brown Street has been condemned and the County needs another letter from the Township.  The house on St Rt 125 & Sugartree Rd. is moving forward to demolition.  The owner has called George and said she is the process of getting estimates to have it torn down,  In new business, George has issued several violation letters to residents for unlicensed vehicles, old campers, and burnt out buildings.
  • Officer Pike- The October crimes stats are a total of 57 calls which include 14 reports, 4 warrants, 23 investigations, and 3 criminal arrests. He has not been able to set up an information session on the neighborhood watch program and will set a date before the next meeting.
  • BT Fire Department- Chief Rick Stowell reported that in October they had a total of 182 calls with 49 fire runs, $4000 in fire damage and no fatalities or fire fighter injuries.  They had 133 emergency medical service runs.  In the last few days the had a house fire in town while 2 runs were out at the same time.  1 ambulance crew had a pregnant woman and 1 ambulance crew  had a man with breathing distress. Both runs were emergency situations.  The policy is that no one goes to a fire alone and with only one employee at the station, that person could not report alone to the fire.  It was very upsetting to the department that Channel 5 ran a biased, sensational report that used inaccurate information.  The response time on the fire was under 6 minutes.  Greg Burns commended the Chief on the good job that the fire department does.  Their record of excellence speaks for itself.  Rick said he received calls from the Batavia , Monroe, Williamsburg, Miami Township fire chiefs and others, all wanting him to know they support the BTFD and have only good things to say about the department. Officer Pike said he has worked with other fire departments in the county and this (BTFD) is the best Fire department in the county. Chief Stowell said “Our staff is 2nd to none.  We have a mission to save lives 1st and save property 2nd.”
  • In other BTFD News- The 2005 ambulance air-ride has been repaired.  The new ambulance will be complete in 25 days.  Rick asked the trustees to look over the emblems that are being considered for the vehicle. In new business, one part-time EMT was hired with a 1 year probation.  Rick has applied for a grant to replace all the 2-way radios in the 17-year-old system.  They are asking for 20 radios/800 megahertz.  They are applying for a grant to improve the parking lot and concrete on the NE side of the fire department lot.  Because of where the BTFD building is located this qualifies them for the grant.
  • Cemetery, Roads, & Maintenance- Ed Stanley reported in October 9 funerals were held.  They poured 8 yards of concrete  for 7 new footers.  4 graves were sold ( 2 within the township and 2 outside the township.  The crew started tearing down the house on Spring St.  A new grant is in the works to widen some roads.  This would not happen until 2019 if they won the grant.  The Trisler Road widening is still being considered.  On the sign replacement grant.  There will be approximately 500 new signs that will need to be installed.  They are just now starting to be delivered.  The trustees made a motion to approve Ed’s request for 2 employees to attend the Ohio Township Association Conference for 2 days in Columbus at the end of January 2018.
  • New business- The trustees approved a records retention schedule RC-2.
  • The aggregation failed to pass in Tate Township which would only have benefited the residents of Tate.  They plan on trying again next year in an effort to bring a savings to the residents.

The October meeting of the Tate Township Trustees was held 10/10/17. Here is the condensed version.  The minutes, when they are approved, will be posted to the website after the November meeting.

  • The Trustees would like to congratulate Bethel-Tate Tigers Football for their 7-0 record this season.
  • Zoning report from George Eckert.  He issued 3 permits in September.  There are a couple of properties that he is working with the owners on to get torn down since the Trustees passed the resolutions to do so.  They are moving forward and George will keep us updated on the progress.
  • Officer Pike reported that the breaking and entering numbers are down since last month. In September, he responded to 73 calls, made 3 warrant arrests and recovered $450 in stolen property.  He asked the trustees if they would like more information on Next Door, a website through the county that residents can use to report suspicious activities that they see and the sheriffs are able to respond and use that information.  Currently, the Clermont County Sheriff’s department cannot interact with residents on other social media sites.  If the Next Door website is something that Tate residents are interested in, he would have another deputy come to a meeting to explain the benefits of the program to Tate residents.  Trustee Burns would like residents to contact any of the trustees to let them know if they are interested or not.
  • The Cemetery and Road Maintenance report for September was given by Ed Stanley.  They sold the F450 on gov.deals.  He asked about the grant for Trisler Road and Trustee Reed said he does not expect that will happen because the road is in more than one county and the grant doesn’t allow for that.  He has an agreement with the Bethel-Tate schools to sell them salt as needed when the Township crew is already at the Maintenance barn.  If a Township employee has to make a special trip to get the salt loaded then there will be an additional fee to cover the employee’s salary.  There was an inquiry about the lack of progress on tearing down the Spring Street house.  Ed said that while the weather holds out, the maintenance crew is taking advantage of getting as much other work done as they can.  They will resume work when the weather gets colder.
  • In cemetery news, Ed reported there were 12 funerals.  They sold 15 graves of which 11 were out of township residents. They poured 7 1/4 yards of concrete for the headstones and 10 footers for markers.
  • The September report from the BT Fire Department was given by Rick Stowell.  He reported 161 runs of which 38 were fire and 123 were EMS.  Their average time in route to the call is 1 minute.  The average time to be on the scene is 4 1/2 minutes. The Trustees motioned to accept Lindsey   They are getting ready to sell the ambulance which still has a faulty air-ride.
  • The Trustee passed a motion for a commitment letter with Park National Bank for up to $180,000 and a 5 year fixed interest (currently 3.058%). This is to be used for the life squad.
  • The Trustees mentioned that the garbage contract is still in the works.  The Aggregate meeting was last week.  This is a good thing for the residents with no way for them to lose by voting FOR it on 11/7/17.
  • The Trustees are looking for residents that are interested in serving on the Board of Zoning Appeals and the Zoning Commission.  If you are a resident of Tate Township an are interested, please contact one of the trustees.

SEPTEMBER 2017 Summary

The September Tate Township meeting was held 9/12/17.  Here is an overview of what happened. The actual minutes are officially approved at the next (October) meeting.

  • The Zoning report is that 12 permits were issued in the last 2 months (July & August). George said he has been busy issuing violation letters for unlicensed vehicles sitting around houses and also for unkempt yards.
  • Officer Pike reported that he made 62 calls in August and 8 warrant arrests.  He brought printed out stats sheets for the trustees and said that he will continue to do so.
  • Chief Stowell reported that the 2005 ambulance is out of service.  The problem is related to the air ride.  They have the new ambulance on order.  In August, when Duke Energy had a planned power outage, the Bethel-Tate Fire Department had a power surge that destroyed the outside AC unit.  Duke has denied the claim Rick made for them to pay and now it will go to insurance coverage.
  • The CC Sheriff’s department, the Bethel Police, US Grant Career Center, and Bethel-Tate Schools are all working together to plan an active shooter drill.  The planning committee is meeting next week.
  • There were 9 funerals held in the cemetery in August.  The trustees asked if there was room to store the shepherd’s hooks a little longer in case there are still residents that want to pick them up.  Ed said that they may need that barn to store the new signs that are already ordered but not here yet.  If he has to make room for the signs, the hooks and other ornaments will be sent to be recycled.
  • The Road and Maintenance department  reports that they sold the F-650 in an online auction and the F-450, which is a 2001 needs to be sold because the pump for the salt spreader is worn out and no longer reliable.  It will be put up for auction on the same site.     They had the new F-550 get an undercoat to help protect it against the salt and make it last longer.
  • The Bethel-Tate School District has asked to get their salt from the Township this winter.  Ed will contact John Burns from the district to work out a plan.
  • The trustees passed resolutions to have 2 houses condemned so that they can be torn down by the township.  This is all part of the procedure with the County to be able to take them down.

JULY  2017 Summary

The Tate Township Trustee meeting was held 7/11/17. Here is an overview of what happened.  The actual minutes are officially approved at the next (August) meeting.

  • The next township meeting will be August 8th, 2017.
  • A representative from Josh Mandel’s Ohio Auditor office was present to commend Kathy Brannock (Clerk/Fiscal Officer) and Trustees for partnering with the State and offer transparency to the public.  Tate Township’s fiscal records are accessible on the Ohio State Checkbook website.
  • With a 8/9/17 deadline to go on the ballot, the trustees decided to let the voters choose whether to allow them to form an aggregate in the effort to give township residents the option to lower energy costs.  This will be on the November ballot.  All residents will receive several mailings with details, information, and round table discussion dates. Expect your 1st mailing in early August.
  • Tate Township is forming a cooperative agreement with Franklin Township to upgrade and pave Trisler Road with a OPWC grant application.  They should know by November if the grant is approved.  This would cut Tate’s costs from 29% to 6.1% of the total job cost, a savings of about $94,000.
  • A waste franchise is forming with several area townships and some villages to reduce waste collection costs, add curb-side recycling, and offer additional services, if needed, for residents with handicaps.  No costs or actual contracts were discussed.
  • Sheriff Pike reported there has been an increase in breaking and entering in southern Clermont County since the beginning of the year.  He would like the residents to know that the sheriffs are working to find, arrest, and convict the offenders.  Since January, the sheriff’s department had enough evidence to get 4 search warrants issued.  So far, 16 people have been arrested in connection with the break-ins in the area.  If you have information that would help in their investigations, please call the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Chief Stowell reported 35 fire calls and 116 EMS calls in June.  The trustees accepted 3 resignations and 1 part-time hire.  The department has been servicing the fire hydrants and cutting back weeds around them.
  • Cemetery news, Ed Stanley reports 10 funerals and 14 grave plots sold in June.  There is a new owner on Swope Road that is now cutting the old cemetery located back on his property. It was deeded to the township in 1850. The trustees agreed to compensate the owner for one cutting every 2 weeks, if needed.  The trustees gave an end date of 10/01/17 for residents to pick up shepherd hooks that have been removed from Tate Cemetery.
  • Road & Maintenance news, the County road crews will be replacing culvert pipes soon on Ohio Rd, Grant Rd, and the township will have a dump truck there to collect the old black top to use for new roads in the cemetery.  The State is replacing a culvert on St Rt 133 near Vic-Joy Rd.  The International truck that was purchased from the Village is working out good.  The old F650 will be sold online with a minimum bid of $28,000. Search for govdeals.com.
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