The December meeting of the Tate Township Trustees was held 12/11/17.  Here is a summary of the meeting events.  The approved minutes are posted to the Meeting minutes page.


Special Re-organizational meeting 5:00 pm: The trustees and department chairs met in executive session to discuss personnel.  In the open meeting, the trustees accepted all resolutions for pay and zoning fee changes.  An amendment was made to appoint John Wilson to the zoning appeals board.  A motion was made to appoint Diane Eckert to close the cemetery gates at dusk & open and close them on weekends.

December Regular meeting 7:00 pm:

  • A representative for the garbage collection/waste bids came to talk to the township.  They have rejected all bids because of the terms and will ask for new bids with clarification and change the contract request to 3 or less.  They expect bids back in February.  The next step is to hear the bids from the other companies (Solid Waste & Republic) in February or March.
  • Zoning- George Eckert reports there were 4 new home permits and 1 garage permit.  The house on Brown Street went up for sheriffs auction on 12/17/17. On Donald Road, the camper in front of the mobile home is up for sale and they say the side yard camper is not being used to live in..  On Jones Florer Road, the garage burned and the owners are cleaning it up. He is working to get a yard cleaned up on Swings Corner Road.  New news: A house on St Rt 133 that he has posted notes on the home and sent letters.  The owner said they are trying to find a contractor and lawn care service to fix the issue.
  • Cemetery & Roads- Ed Stanley reports there were 8 funerals in November, 10 graves sold with 4 to township residents and 6 to out of township residents. Stanley asked trustees to consider banning a dome vault int the Township cemetery.  Reed said he needed more time before making a decision.
  • The cemetery would like to have one area dedicated to cremation burials.  The plots are sized smaller and flat stones would be required.  They would sell for $200 each
  • The 550 dump truck is working well.  The crew needs a chain saw that will fit into the truck.  The trustees approved the purchase of a Stihl saw with 2 extra chains and a bar cover.
  • A laser transit is needed to do the ditch work and culverts to measure fall for water flow.  The trustees approved the purchase  of  a new transit.

The November meeting of the Tate Township Trustees was held 11/14/17.  Here is a summary of the meeting events. The minutes, when they are approved by the trustees, will be posted to the website after the December meeting.

  • Congratulations to Gary Reed and Greg Burns on their re-election to the trustee positions.
  • Zoning news- George Eckert reported that 7 permits were issued with 1 new construction, a deck, and 2 garages.  He says that construction is starting to pick back up.  The house on Brown Street has been condemned and the County needs another letter from the Township.  The house on St Rt 125 & Sugartree Rd. is moving forward to demolition.  The owner has called George and said she is the process of getting estimates to have it torn down,  In new business, George has issued several violation letters to residents for unlicensed vehicles, old campers, and burnt out buildings.
  • Officer Pike- The October crimes stats are a total of 57 calls which include 14 reports, 4 warrants, 23 investigations, and 3 criminal arrests. He has not been able to set up an information session on the neighborhood watch program and will set a date before the next meeting.
  • BT Fire Department- Chief Rick Stowell reported that in October they had a total of 182 calls with 49 fire runs, $4000 in fire damage and no fatalities or fire fighter injuries.  They had 133 emergency medical service runs.  In the last few days the had a house fire in town while 2 runs were out at the same time.  1 ambulance crew had a pregnant woman and 1 ambulance crew  had a man with breathing distress. Both runs were emergency situations.  The policy is that no one goes to a fire alone and with only one employee at the station, that person could not report alone to the fire.  It was very upsetting to the department that Channel 5 ran a biased, sensational report that used inaccurate information.  The response time on the fire was under 6 minutes.  Greg Burns commended the Chief on the good job that the fire department does.  Their record of excellence speaks for itself.  Rick said he received calls from the Batavia , Monroe, Williamsburg, Miami Township fire chiefs and others, all wanting him to know they support the BTFD and have only good things to say about the department. Officer Pike said he has worked with other fire departments in the county and this (BTFD) is the best Fire department in the county. Chief Stowell said “Our staff is 2nd to none.  We have a mission to save lives 1st and save property 2nd.”
  • In other BTFD News- The 2005 ambulance air-ride has been repaired.  The new ambulance will be complete in 25 days.  Rick asked the trustees to look over the emblems that are being considered for the vehicle. In new business, one part-time EMT was hired with a 1 year probation.  Rick has applied for a grant to replace all the 2-way radios in the 17-year-old system.  They are asking for 20 radios/800 megahertz.  They are applying for a grant to improve the parking lot and concrete on the NE side of the fire department lot.  Because of where the BTFD building is located this qualifies them for the grant.
  • Cemetery, Roads, & Maintenance- Ed Stanley reported in October 9 funerals were held.  They poured 8 yards of concrete  for 7 new footers.  4 graves were sold ( 2 within the township and 2 outside the township.  The crew started tearing down the house on Spring St.  A new grant is in the works to widen some roads.  This would not happen until 2019 if they won the grant.  The Trisler Road widening is still being considered.  On the sign replacement grant.  There will be approximately 500 new signs that will need to be installed.  They are just now starting to be delivered.  The trustees made a motion to approve Ed’s request for 2 employees to attend the Ohio Township Association Conference for 2 days in Columbus at the end of January 2018.
  • New business- The trustees approved a records retention schedule RC-2.
  • The aggregation failed to pass in Tate Township which would only have benefited the residents of Tate.  They plan on trying again next year in an effort to bring a savings to the residents.

The October meeting of the Tate Township Trustees was held 10/10/17. Here is the condensed version.  The minutes, when they are approved, will be posted to the website after the November meeting.

  • The Trustees would like to congratulate Bethel-Tate Tigers Football for their 7-0 record this season.
  • Zoning report from George Eckert.  He issued 3 permits in September.  There are a couple of properties that he is working with the owners on to get torn down since the Trustees passed the resolutions to do so.  They are moving forward and George will keep us updated on the progress.
  • Officer Pike reported that the breaking and entering numbers are down since last month. In September, he responded to 73 calls, made 3 warrant arrests and recovered $450 in stolen property.  He asked the trustees if they would like more information on Next Door, a website through the county that residents can use to report suspicious activities that they see and the sheriffs are able to respond and use that information.  Currently, the Clermont County Sheriff’s department cannot interact with residents on other social media sites.  If the Next Door website is something that Tate residents are interested in, he would have another deputy come to a meeting to explain the benefits of the program to Tate residents.  Trustee Burns would like residents to contact any of the trustees to let them know if they are interested or not.
  • The Cemetery and Road Maintenance report for September was given by Ed Stanley.  They sold the F450 on  He asked about the grant for Trisler Road and Trustee Reed said he does not expect that will happen because the road is in more than one county and the grant doesn’t allow for that.  He has an agreement with the Bethel-Tate schools to sell them salt as needed when the Township crew is already at the Maintenance barn.  If a Township employee has to make a special trip to get the salt loaded then there will be an additional fee to cover the employee’s salary.  There was an inquiry about the lack of progress on tearing down the Spring Street house.  Ed said that while the weather holds out, the maintenance crew is taking advantage of getting as much other work done as they can.  They will resume work when the weather gets colder.
  • In cemetery news, Ed reported there were 12 funerals.  They sold 15 graves of which 11 were out of township residents. They poured 7 1/4 yards of concrete for the headstones and 10 footers for markers.
  • The September report from the BT Fire Department was given by Rick Stowell.  He reported 161 runs of which 38 were fire and 123 were EMS.  Their average time in route to the call is 1 minute.  The average time to be on the scene is 4 1/2 minutes. The Trustees motioned to accept Lindsey   They are getting ready to sell the ambulance which still has a faulty air-ride.
  • The Trustee passed a motion for a commitment letter with Park National Bank for up to $180,000 and a 5 year fixed interest (currently 3.058%). This is to be used for the life squad.
  • The Trustees mentioned that the garbage contract is still in the works.  The Aggregate meeting was last week.  This is a good thing for the residents with no way for them to lose by voting FOR it on 11/7/17.
  • The Trustees are looking for residents that are interested in serving on the Board of Zoning Appeals and the Zoning Commission.  If you are a resident of Tate Township an are interested, please contact one of the trustees.

SEPTEMBER 2017 Summary

The September Tate Township meeting was held 9/12/17.  Here is an overview of what happened. The actual minutes are officially approved at the next (October) meeting.

  • The Zoning report is that 12 permits were issued in the last 2 months (July & August). George said he has been busy issuing violation letters for unlicensed vehicles sitting around houses and also for unkempt yards.
  • Officer Pike reported that he made 62 calls in August and 8 warrant arrests.  He brought printed out stats sheets for the trustees and said that he will continue to do so.
  • Chief Stowell reported that the 2005 ambulance is out of service.  The problem is related to the air ride.  They have the new ambulance on order.  In August, when Duke Energy had a planned power outage, the Bethel-Tate Fire Department had a power surge that destroyed the outside AC unit.  Duke has denied the claim Rick made for them to pay and now it will go to insurance coverage.
  • The CC Sheriff’s department, the Bethel Police, US Grant Career Center, and Bethel-Tate Schools are all working together to plan an active shooter drill.  The planning committee is meeting next week.
  • There were 9 funerals held in the cemetery in August.  The trustees asked if there was room to store the shepherd’s hooks a little longer in case there are still residents that want to pick them up.  Ed said that they may need that barn to store the new signs that are already ordered but not here yet.  If he has to make room for the signs, the hooks and other ornaments will be sent to be recycled.
  • The Road and Maintenance department  reports that they sold the F-650 in an online auction and the F-450, which is a 2001 needs to be sold because the pump for the salt spreader is worn out and no longer reliable.  It will be put up for auction on the same site.     They had the new F-550 get an undercoat to help protect it against the salt and make it last longer.
  • The Bethel-Tate School District has asked to get their salt from the Township this winter.  Ed will contact John Burns from the district to work out a plan.
  • The trustees passed resolutions to have 2 houses condemned so that they can be torn down by the township.  This is all part of the procedure with the County to be able to take them down.

JULY  2017 Summary

The Tate Township Trustee meeting was held 7/11/17. Here is an overview of what happened.  The actual minutes are officially approved at the next (August) meeting.

  • The next township meeting will be August 8th, 2017.
  • A representative from Josh Mandel’s Ohio Auditor office was present to commend Kathy Brannock (Clerk/Fiscal Officer) and Trustees for partnering with the State and offer transparency to the public.  Tate Township’s fiscal records are accessible on the Ohio State Checkbook website.
  • With a 8/9/17 deadline to go on the ballot, the trustees decided to let the voters choose whether to allow them to form an aggregate in the effort to give township residents the option to lower energy costs.  This will be on the November ballot.  All residents will receive several mailings with details, information, and round table discussion dates. Expect your 1st mailing in early August.
  • Tate Township is forming a cooperative agreement with Franklin Township to upgrade and pave Trisler Road with a OPWC grant application.  They should know by November if the grant is approved.  This would cut Tate’s costs from 29% to 6.1% of the total job cost, a savings of about $94,000.
  • A waste franchise is forming with several area townships and some villages to reduce waste collection costs, add curb-side recycling, and offer additional services, if needed, for residents with handicaps.  No costs or actual contracts were discussed.
  • Sheriff Pike reported there has been an increase in breaking and entering in southern Clermont County since the beginning of the year.  He would like the residents to know that the sheriffs are working to find, arrest, and convict the offenders.  Since January, the sheriff’s department had enough evidence to get 4 search warrants issued.  So far, 16 people have been arrested in connection with the break-ins in the area.  If you have information that would help in their investigations, please call the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Chief Stowell reported 35 fire calls and 116 EMS calls in June.  The trustees accepted 3 resignations and 1 part-time hire.  The department has been servicing the fire hydrants and cutting back weeds around them.
  • Cemetery news, Ed Stanley reports 10 funerals and 14 grave plots sold in June.  There is a new owner on Swope Road that is now cutting the old cemetery located back on his property. It was deeded to the township in 1850. The trustees agreed to compensate the owner for one cutting every 2 weeks, if needed.  The trustees gave an end date of 10/01/17 for residents to pick up shepherd hooks that have been removed from Tate Cemetery.
  • Road & Maintenance news, the County road crews will be replacing culvert pipes soon on Ohio Rd, Grant Rd, and the township will have a dump truck there to collect the old black top to use for new roads in the cemetery.  The State is replacing a culvert on St Rt 133 near Vic-Joy Rd.  The International truck that was purchased from the Village is working out good.  The old F650 will be sold online with a minimum bid of $28,000. Search for