November 2023 Trustee Meeting Update

Summary of the regular meeting of the Tate Township trustees held November 14, 2023.

These are not the approved minutes of the meeting.  They are unofficial notes. Trustees Bob Redden and John Wilson were present for the meeting. Fiscal Officer Kathy Brannock was present at the meeting

The official meeting minutes from October 2023 were approved. Oct 2023 Trustee Mtg

Reports from the departments for last month:

  • Zoning- There were 8 permits issued for 1 Inground Pool, 3 Single Family Dwellings, 3 Garages, 1 Shed, and 1 Zoning Change.
  • Cemetery- There were 10 burials, 5 foundation orders, and 1 grave sold. They poured 6 foundations and installed 7 memorials.
  • Roads- Macedonia Road has been blacktopped and birmed. The bridge on Moore Road will be complete this week.  They are putting in an order for the culverts for Moore Road.  The annual stormwater training provided by the EPA was attended by an employee as required. The Tate Township Clean-Up 2023 Report was submitted.  Tate Township CleanUp 2023 Report
  • BTFD-  BTFD Nov 2023 Update There were 113 EMS calls and 28 fire calls in October.  The time out the door averaged  1.3 minutes with on-the-scene in 5 minutes.  There was zero loss in fire damages and they saved $102,000 in fire loss. reminder that there continues to be a burn ban through the end of November. Warnings are being issued to violators.  A big thank you to the supporters of the levy because it passed and the BTFD can continue giving top notch services.  Recommend adding a new cadet Wyatt Burns for a 1 year probationary. This will max out the number of 10 cadets for the department. (Trustees approved).  There were 2 resignations.  Recommend the cost of $500 to rewrite and sunmit the Ohio 1st Responders Grant which would potentially pay to update the radios to the new system. (Trustees approved). They sent 5 fulltime personnel to Milford for training.  The BTFD was awarded $10,000 for 5 sets of gear to replace old gear.
  • Public Presentation-  A petition was brought to the trustees signed by 55 residents asking the township to vacate the undeveloped section of Case Road. Several surveys going back decades were shown to the trustees to show that the road has never been developed.  The Road Supervisor added that the township does not receive any tax money for that section and he is in favor of the vacate. The trustees said the petition needs to be submitted to Clermont County for approval.
  • Next meeting is December 12th at 7:00pm.