October 2023 Trustee Meeting Update

Summary of the regular meeting of the Tate Township trustees held October 10, 2023.

These are not the approved minutes of the meeting.  They are unofficial notes. Trustees Gary Reed, Bob Redden, and John Wilson were present for the meeting. Fiscal Officer Kathy Brannock was present at the meeting

The official meeting minutes from September, 2023 were approved. Sep 2023 Trustee Mtg

Reports from each department for last month:

  • Zoning- 9 permits were issued for 1 shed, 1 garage, 1 Single Family Dwelling, 1 inground pool, 2 storage units, 1 variance, and 1 use variance. The 2 variance (public) meetings are set for Oct 25 at the Bethel-Tate fire department meeting room.
  • Cemetery & Roads- There were 4 burials, 2 foundation orders.  They have 3 foundations left to pour. Macedonia Road is paved but not birmed yet. The bridge crew from the County started on Moore Rd to replace the bridge.  The crew has been ditching and patching township roads.  They replaced 5 private drive culverts.  Patterson Rd is completed.  Salt prices this year for the township are $96.84 per ton, delivered.  They have the plows and salt spredders hooked up and ready to go when needed.
  • Deputy Pike did not have a report for the trustees.
  • Bethel-Tate Fire Department- In September there were 36 fire calls with the average response time of 5.6 minutes.  The fire department saved $155,000 in property and reported $25,000 in property loss. There were 115 ems calls.  September report here: BTFD Oct 2023 Update. The hydrant installations are on hold while Tate Monroe Water works on water leaks.  The levy flyers have been mailed out.  The BTFD levy campaign received an anonymous donation of $1000 that will pay for the campaign costs.  They are very grateful and hopeful for the levy to pass. In new news, the BTFD crews visited Bick Primary for fire prevention.  They will visit Hill Intermediate next. Chief Stowell reminds everyone that the State issued burn ban is back in effect.  Burn permits are free and residents can burn 6am to dark.

Trustee Redden asked for a moment of silence to privately reflect on the passing of Mr. Bick’s daughter this afternoon.

Trustee Reed read the resolution for public comments/addressing the trustees at a meeting.  He answered some questions from the last meeting. The question about why equipment was rented from Singleton. Trustee Reed gave three good reasons. The cost to rent from Singleton is a lot less than the closest equipment rental business. Renting from a local business is beneficial to our community,  Because he lives in our township, he rents to us outside of normal operating hours in an event such as an emergency need after a storm.  He added that our township is fully covered on insurance.

Trustee Reed reported that the rumours about a Nestlewood large solar project expansion are false.  Currently there are no applications in place for Nestlewood to expand. Large solar and wind farms have been restricted, prohibiting their construction in Tate Township since June 21, 2023 per Clermont County Resolution No. 090-23.  Clermont Cty Large WindSolar Restrictions

A discussion among all 3 trustees about the small wind and solar resolution that is in the works.  The attorneys have highlighted sections that need replaced or changed with the reasons noted.  They agreed to meet with J. Carney, attorney, to go through the document line by line so that it could become a final draft ready for approval.  The attorney was present at the meeting and they agreed upon a time and date within the week to meet at her office.

Public discussion was heard and the meeting was adjourned at 8:40pm.

The next regular meeting will be held on Nov. 14th at 7:00pm.