June 2023 Trustee Meeting Update

Summary of the regular meeting of the Tate Township trustees held June 13, 2023.

Trustees Gary Reed, Bob Redden, and John Wilson and Fiscal Officer Kathy Brannock were present for the meeting.  The official May 2023 meeting minutes were approved: May 9, 2023 Minutes and May 23 2023 Trustee Special Mtg.

The department reports for the month of May 2023:

  • Zoning- There were 5 permits issued that included 1 pole/garage, 1 shed, 1 deck, 1 SFD, and 1 pole barn.  There were 2 Variance requests.  The variance request meeting will be held 6/27/23 at 7pm at the BTFD meeting room. There was a resignation on the Zoning Board of Appeals.  The trustees are searching for a replacement.
  • Cemetery- There were 9 burials, 8 foundations ordered, and 4 graves purchased. They poured the footers for 17 stones. They have packed down the parking lot for the shelter. Everything looks great.
  • Roads- The crew set 2 culverts in private drives on township roads. They are working on birming and patching roads. Reminder: The Tate Township Clean-Up dates are coming up, Friday and Saturday, 7/7 & 7/8/2023. Times for both dates are 7:00am to 5:00pm.  Location is the Maintenance site at Spring St. There will be a small fee collected for tire disposal that is determined by tire size.
  • Deputy report- Deputy Pike responded to 74 calls, wrote 24 new reports, responded to 2 traffic crashes, and closed 28 reports. He will be at the clean-up to help verify Tate residency.
  • Bethel-Tate Fire Department- There were a total of 134 call with 27 fire and 107 EMS with response times all within the acceptable times. Update on the grant for the fire hydrants, the installed total is now 48.  The haevy rescue truck (1994) is now severely leaking.  They have converted 2 field unit Jeeps.  They are currently performing fire hydrant flushing that is required.
  • Trustee Bob Redden-
    • We received a grant from the EPA for 2 years of Tate Clean-Up days to cover 75% of the cost to the township for the dumpsters and trucks.  Total grant $16,800.00.
    • We received over $10,000.00 worth of trees through the Take A Root project.  The grant provided mature trees that are ALB resistant to Tate Township residents.  If you missed it, the Take A Root project director has committed to granting us another delivery next year (2024).
    • We also received a 2nd grant for our cemetery shelter project to bring the total shelter grant money to $20,000.00.  That’s $10,000.00 from the Clermont County Parks grant and $10,000.00 from Duke Energy.
    • At the township clean-up we cannot accept batteries, the Bethel O’Reilly’s store said they are accepting any batteries for disposal.
  • The resolution was passed to give order to public participation at trustee business meetings can be reviewed here: Public Participation At Township Business Meeting and can be found on the Government page of the Tate Township website.
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