March & April 2023 Trustee Meeting Summary

Summary of the regular meeting of the Tate Township trustees, held March 14, 2023.

Trustees Gary Reed, John Wilson, and Kathy Brannock, the fiscal officer were present for the meeting.  The official February 2023 meeting minutes were approved Feb 14 2023 Trustee Mtg

  • Zoning news-  Eight permits were issued.
  • Deputy report- In February/2023, Dep. Pike handled 67 calls, wrote 16 reports, had 3 warrant arrests, assisted other departments 26 times, conducted 22 investigations, and closed 18 reports.
  • BTFD report- BTFD Mar 2023 Update There were 148 total calls in Feb., 43 fire and 105 EMS. their times were 1.4 minutes out the door and an average of 5.5 minutes on the scene. Fire loss was $16,000.00 and property saved was $53,000.00.  The SAFER grant top 3 part-time firefighters will move to full-time when FEMA funds are available, which is estimated to be in April 2023. The Tate Monroe fire hydrant installation has resumed now that they have received their new tapping tool. The tornado was ruled to be an F0 that hit a total of 24 single-family homes (reported) on Bethel-New Richmond Road, Crane-Schoolhouse Road, and Macadamia Road. There was minor shingle damage on the BT fire department roof and the annex building across the street.
  • Cemetery report- There were 5 burials, 4 footers ordered, 2 graves sold.  They used the new shelter for the first time on 3/3/23.  They will need bids for downspouts and a better parking lot.
  • Roads report- They had 24.63 tons of salt.  The Tate Township clean-up dates are set for July 7th & 8th, 2023. Friday and Saturday will both be 7:00am to 5:00 pm drop for residents with proof.  There is a small fee for tires that will be passed on to the resident.  No paint, yard waste, or batteries can be accepted.

Summary of the regular meeting of the Tate Township trustees, held April 11, 2023.

All trustees and the fiscal officer were present for the meeting.  The official March 2023 meeting minutes were approved Mar 14 2023 Trustee Mtg and the March special meeting was approved. Mar 20 2023 Special Trustee Mtg

The trustees passed a resolution to prohibit large solar facilities and large wind farms into the entity of Tate Township. the road construction/paving contract for Macedonia Road was awarded to Roberts Paving for approximately $123,000.00.  The trustees accepted a bid for the 6″ gutters and downspouts to be installed on the memorial shelter for $1500.00.

The trustees will be getting bids to update the township zoning regulations in order to add regulations and update language.  The current zoning regulations are old and outdated which limits the trustees ability to keeep up with rules and reguations that the residents want.

  • Zoning news- Seven permits were issued (1 Occupancy, 3 Single Family Dwelling, 1 Solar, and 2 Garage)
  • Deputy report- In March/2023, Deputy Pike handled 78 calls, wrote 18 reports, had 6 traffic contacts, had 3 warrant arrests, assisted other departments 29 times, and conducted 23 investigations. The Junk/Clean Up dates in July have been requested for municipal court help.  They will be available to help on Friday 7/7 and maybe on Saturday 7/8. Pike said there is a new law that is in effect and they will begin ticketing for in October. The Text & Drive law is a primary violation which means that officers can and will pull vehicles over when they see the driver holding any device, whether they are using it or not.  The driver of a vehicle is not allowed to hold any phone, tablet, or other media device.
  • Zoning report- The 2 trailers on N East Street are now gone and will not be replaced.
  • Cemetery report- In March 2023 there were 9 burials, 5 foundations ordered, and 2 graves sold. The trustees approved the puchase of a Gator golf cart for cemetery use.
  • Roads report- They have been working on picking up limbs, trees and other storm damage and taking it to the marshaling yard.  Clermont County has ditched up to Patterson Road. They expect to replace 8 private property culverts this summer to improve the water flow in the ditches.
  • BT Fire Dept. report-  BTFD April 2023 Update In March 2023 there were 199 calls (71 fire and 128 EMS). They had $0 fire loss.  There was 1 minor injury due to a chain saw. Tate Monroe Water has installed 22 hydrants since the last meeting for a total of 29 installed hydrants. The insurance has approved the roof repair to this (BTFD) building and while visiting the annex building, the insurance company decided to replace the ceiling tiles inside the building
  • BTFD- Ladies Auxiliary will resume their annual quarter auction this year on April 20th at the Bethel-Tate Middle School as a fundraiser.  Everyone is welcome.  The doors open at 6pm and the auction begins at 7:00pm.
  • Resident discussions- A resident asked if the trustees could record the meetings and then post the recording to the website.  They will look into it. Another resident is upset with a neighbor that runs engines that are loud at all hours of the day, making it difficult to have any outdoor activities. He asked for a noise ordinance to be put into the new regulations.  Deputy Pike said the law considerers noise a freedom as long as it is reasonable. Usually in Ohio the law considers any loud noise after 11pm to be unreasonable. Please call the Clermont County Sheriff’s office to report loud noise or any other violations so that Pike can investigate it.
  • Next regular trustee meeting is May 9, 2023 at 7:00pm.
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