January 2023 Trustee Meeting Update

Summary of the regular meeting of the Tate Township trustees, held January 10, 2023.

All trustees and the fiscal officer were present for the meeting.  The official December 2022 meeting minutes were approved, Dec 13 2023 Trustee mtg

  • A resident complained about the solar farm going in on the east side of the township.  The trustees responded that the decision is not in the local hands.  The County Commissioners are in charge.  They have a contract that states that Clermont County will make repairs to any damages incurred by the installation, maintenance, and removal of anything that is a part of the solar farm.
  • A resident is worried about the increased presence of the coyotes.  They go after his dogs and he fears they will go after his grandkids when they visit.  Deputy Pike informed the man that he does not need a permit to shoot a coyote on his property. They are considered a nuisance.  As long as he uses safe gun practices and does not put anyone in harm’s way, he is allowed to kill coyotes.

Department reports for Dec/2022:

  • Zoning-December 2022 report- There were 2 permits issued in December for a garage and a porch.
  • Deputy report for December 2022- He had 48 calls, took 9 reports, conducted 13 investigations, and closed 7 reports. The entire Clermont County department is now “live” with body cams.  Anytime weapons are drawn, tasers are drawn, or overhead lamps/lights are turned on, the body cam is activated to turn on.
  • BTFD- BTFD Jan 2023 Update In December, there were199 total call, 61 were fire and 138 were EMS.  Assistant Chief Dave Long’s last day before retirement will be Jan. 23, 2023.  There will be three full-time positions posted.  These are funded by FEMA.  The 2023 fire department rooster was approved by the trustees for the State Marshal’s office. Eric Smith will take over the light maintenance on BTFD equipment.
  • Cemetery report- December 2022, there were 7 burials, 2 foundation orders, and sold 9 graves.
  • Roads report- They have been trimming trees and clearing debris in culverts and in the right of ways on township owned roads.
  • Gary Reed remarked on Cashious Bell (1927- 2023) who passed away on 1/7/23 at the age of 95.  Cashious was the 1st sexton of the Tate Township cemetery and hand dug each grave (in 4 hours) for at least 16 years until a backhoe was purchased.  Gary remembers walking through the cemetery when he was a kid and talking to Cashious as he was digging a grave.
  • Next meeting will be February 14, 2023.