October 2022 Trustees Meeting Update

Summary of the regular meeting of the Tate Township trustees that was held October 11, 2022.

All trustees and the fiscal officer were present for the meeting.  The official Sept. 2022 minutes were approved

Reports for September:

  • Bethel-Tate Fire Department report- There were a total of 122 calls, 22 fire and 100 EMS calls.  The September report is here: BTFD Oct 11 2022 Update.   Captain Welch is working to set up a firefighter recruitment class. Dave Taylor has installed new sonar equipment in the fire department rescue boat.  They will train in the Spring with Pierce and Williamsburg Townships.  This new sonar will show objects 100 feet underwater. Next month, Bethel-Tate FD and Clermont County Sheriff’s Department will work with Bethel Tate High School and their  new resource officer Randy McElfresh to perform an active shooter training.
  • Deputy Pike’s report- He handled 72 calls, took 29 reports, had 1 accident report, made 11 traffic contacts, assisted 15 other departments, made 2 criminal arrests and 4 warrant arrests and instigated 28 investigations.  Pike also helped with traffic control during the recent Bethel-Tate Homecoming parade.
  • Zoning report- There were. 2 total permits issued for an inground pool and a pole barn/garage
  • Cemetery report- There were 2 burials, sold 8 graves sold (7 in township/1 out of township resident), and 6 foundations ordered. They poured the last round of foundations for headstones this month.  Any new orders this year will be formed and poured after the winter.  Work continues on the future cemetery shelter area.
  • Next regular trustees meeting will be November 8, 2022 at 7:00 PM.
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