December 2021 Trustee Meeting Summary

Summary of the regular meeting of the Tate Township trustees that was held December 14,2021.

  • Gary Reed brought the meeting to order at 7:00pm, Bob Redden was in attendance.
  • BTFD Nov/2021 report- There were a total of 144  calls (41 fire & 103 EMS). $1800 loss to fire 1.2 minutes average response time, and average of 5 minutes to on the scene.  There were no injuries.  The Federal government gave Tate  monies to use, the remaining amount will be combined with the $3000 from American Rescue Act to buy heart monitors, extra batteries, and sensors.
  • Cemetery Dec/2021 report- There were 9 burials, 4 foundation orders, and 12 graves (6 in-township and 6 out of-township) sold.  They would like to burm the cemetery road in  section 21 to prevent rutting from cars parking along side of it.
  • Roads & Maintenance Dec/2021 report- The crew is trimming trees along the roads, duro-patching roads and checking on culverts this last month. They would like to but additional rock to have stick before the price increase in January.
  • Deputy Dec/2021 report- Officer Pike had 59 calls, finished 19 reports , had 12 arrests, issued 8 warrants, assisted 18 times with other departments, and closed out 20 reports. For the next 3 months, he will have an officer-in-training with him.
  • Trustees- Discussed going to the annual Township convention in Columbus in February 2022.
  • Jon Pryor has formed a new facebook page for communication called the Bethel Buzz.  This site will link all the organizations in town to be a platform of communicating news and events to the community.
  • The organizational meeting will be held on 1/11/2022 at 5:30 pm to go over any changes to pricing and fees for the year.  The regular January meeting will be held on 1/11/2022 at 7:00 pm.
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