November 2021 Trustee Meeting Summary

Summary of the regular meeting of the Tate Township trustees that was held November 9,2021.

  • Gary Reed brought the meeting to order at 7:00pm, Bob Redden and Greg Burns were in attendance.
  • BTFD Oct/2021 report- There were a total of 146  calls (32 fire & 114 EMS). No $ loss to fire and the average response time was within 5 1/2 minutes.  All door buzzers at the station are now functioning properly.  The new ambulance purchased with COVID dollars is headed to Akron for the finish accessories to be added. Trustee Redden asked if there was any way to notify residents within 1000 feet of the new hydrants so they can call their homeowners insurance and get a rate reduction.  Chief Stowell  gave the oath of office for 2 new full-time firefighters. Both Shayna Striblen and Levi Troutman were sworn in. Leaving are Brian O’Neil who will be retiring soon and Cory Myers is moving to part-time.
  • Cemetery Oct/2021 report- There were 17 burials (2 were on a Saturday), 4 foundation orders, and 12 graves (all out of township) sold.
  • Roads & Maintenance Oct/2021 report- The Wilson Road paving project is completed and the bill came in $187 under the bid. Township roadside tree trimming will continue.
  • Deputy Oct/2021 report- The stats are low because he was on vacation one week in October. He responded to 69 calls, wrote 9 reports, served 3 warrants, made 2 criminal arrests, and made 31 assists to other deputies.  He checked into the noise ordinances and found they are written for bars, not for individual residents.  Tate Township currently has the barking dog ordinance. He gives 1st offense a warning.  Pike has needed to use it one time.
  • Zoning Oct/2021 report- There were 5 permits issued and 1 variance request filed..
  • The trustees and employees of the township would like to thank Greg Burns for 26 years of service to Tate Township.   He was a volunteer BT firefighter for 15 years.  We all wish him a happy retirement.  Greg says he has enjoyed his time as a trustee and as a volunteer on the fire department.  The Burns family was in attendance, gave Greg a retirement gift and brought cupcakes to share with everyone.
  • Greg made his final motion to end the meeting.  Next meeting on December 14, 2021. There will be a Zoning Variance Meeting on Monday, 11/15/21 at 7:00pm in the BTFD meeting room.


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