October 2021 Trustee Meeting Summary

Summary of the regular meeting of the Tate Township trustees that was held October 12,2021.

  • Trustees approved the meeting minutes from September 2021. Click Sep 14 2021 Mtg for the approved September 2021 minutes.  You can find all past Tate Township approved meeting minutes HERE.
  • BTFD September report- BTFD Sep 2021 Update The department made 188 total calls, 143 EMS and 45 FD calls with response time averaging 1.4 minutes for “out the door” and 5 minutes to the site.  The fire department estimates $392,250 total fire lost to damages. They are working with Tate Monroe Water to mark for placement of water hydrants from the grant money. The BTFD has completed the hiring process for 2 new full-time positions to start Nov. 1st.
  • Deputy September report- He responded to 104 complaints; had 21 calls; made 4 crime arrests; assisted other departments 50 times. Pike reported that the crime rate in Clermont County is down.
  • Cemetery September report- There were 3 burials, 8 fondations sold, 4 graves purchased (3 in-township/ 1 out-of-township) and they poured 15 foundation orders for stone placement.
  • Roads September report- Mowed the roads for the 4th time. They are currently working on writing a grant to fix and pave one of our township roads (Sugartree). They are looking at the estimates to decide what the township can afford even with the grant money.  The car count has been completed. They will have 2 years to use the grant if awarded. The grant must be turned in by mid-November.
  • Public comments/questions- Resident asking about noise ordinances because of a neighbor playing extreme load music at all hours of the day that he can hear inside his house.  The current noise restriction is a County-wide ordinance that begins at 11:00pm.
  • Public comments/questions- Resident asking about tree limb cutting rights when the limbs hang over the property line.
  • Public comments/questions- Residents were at the meeting asking what to do about the house on the corner of Macedonia and Rt 133 that was bought to house a recovery home for 8 or more residents.  The trustees have been told by the Clermont County Prosecutor’s office that recovery group homes are protected by the Federal government under the Fair Housing Authority Act and considered a disability group under Federal law. Trustee Reed expressed that he told Barbara Isermann from OnOurWayHome.org that our community is not the place for a recovery house that does not have a trained supervisor on site in a family neighborhood area that is 2 miles from town without sidewalks.
  • Next meeting is November 9th, 2021 at 7:00pm in the BTFD meeting room.