May & June 2021 Meeting Summaries

Summary of the regular meeting of the Tate Township trustees that was held May 11,2021.

  • BZA Board appointed Kristen Wilson to fill a vacant spot..
  • Cemetery report from April, there were 4 burials, 4 graves sold, and 10 foundations ordered.  They have 28 more foundations to get completed by Memorial Day weekend.  They will be needing to purchase more alterna-mats and plywood for funeral services when they cover the ground to protect the cemetery grounds
  • Roads report for April, they have mowed all township roads once.  They will be ordering a MowerMax to help cut up to 8 inch trees, bush-hog, stump grind, and ditch.
  • BTFD report from April, they went on 32 Fire calls and 112 EMS calls. BTFD Apr 2021 Update.  They are applying for a FEMA grant to 100% pay for additional full-time employees for 3 years.

Summary of the regular meeting of the Tate Township trustees that was held June 8,2021.

  • Rob Williams was hired June 1, 2021 to be the Tate Township Zoning Inspector. George Eckert retire at the end of May and will help with the transition. Rob reprted 6 permits were issued in May.
  • BTFD report from May, there were 33 Fire calls and 128 EMS calls, up 30% from normal numbers.  There was 1 civilian fir injury from a kitchen fire.  The new BTFD tanker will be able to go out on calls once everyone is qualified to drive it. They are ordering side-sonar to go on the boat for water recovery. This will allow them to see clearly down 120 feet for searches. Tate will be the only department in the area to have one.  The money to purchase the sonar comes from proceeds made on drink purchases in the machines located at BTFD.
  • Cemetery report from May, there were 4 burials, 9 foundations ordered, and 7 graves sold (5 in & 2 out-of township sales).  A big thanks to the EMS crew for responding quickly to a possible heart attack patient during a burial.
  • Roads report from May, The MowerMax is ordered and due in July.  They discussed the amount of salt to purchase in 2022.  The amount has to be locked in for the current rate. They discussed an issue with township roads when contractors and homeowners destroy the road pavement putting in their culvert pipes.
  • Deputy report from May, reported that Tate residents are complaining of noise from the drive-in possibly due to trees removed nearby.  The drive-in is in Monroe Township and was previously granted immunity from the county noise ordinance.
  • Next meeting is July 13, 2021 at 7:00pm.

Information from Tate Township trustees:

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