Notes From October and November 2020 Trustee Meetings

The regular meeting of the Tate Township trustees was held October 13, 2020. 

  • Commissioner Painter was in attendance to answer questions and update the trustees on county issues. One resident voiced a concern about the new traffic island that was installed in front of the Grant Career Center on St Rt 125.  Comm. Painter said the island and lane closure is State controlled and residents are welcome to call the State to voice their opinion Duke is looking to install a natural gas line running 15 miles from Bethel to Batavia.  Residents in the path of the pipeline will be offered to hook-up to natural gas.  Check the Duke website for information meeting dates.
  • Deputy report-  Deputy Pike made 64 calls in September, wrote 34 reports, and made 2 criminal arrests. Two juveniles are being held for breaking into Tate Township Maintenance barn.
  • Zoning- In September,7 permits were issued for 3 single family dwellings, 3 garages and 1 gazebo.
  • BTFD – BTFD Sep 2020 Update  The parking lot project from grant money is starting but not progressing. Comm. Painter says he will look into it. Th e replacement fence around the fuel pump has been installed. There will not be a staff Christmas party this year due to COVID.
  • Cemetery- In September there were 13 burials, 6 foundations sold, and 14 graves sold (2 out of township/12 township residents).

The regular meeting of the Tate Township trustees was held November 10, 2020.

  • A resolution was made to use COVID relief funds for salaries.
  • Zoning- In October there were 3 permits issued for 1 deck, 1 carport, and 1 variance.
  • Cemetery- There were 10 burials, 9 foundation orders, and 10 graves sold ( 4 out of township/6 in township) in October.
  • BTFD- In October ( BTFD Oct 2020 Update ), there were 138 calls of which 32 were fire and 106 were EMS. There was 1 arson case. They received $137,487 for dividends for COVID relief from Gov. DeWine.  They are accepting the hose and nozzle bid from Heritage Fire Equipment for $94,849.99.  This is FEMA grant money.  The cost to Tate Township is 5%. Chief Stowell recommends (2) 3-way radios for the maintenance department to replace old radios for better communication between departments during snow and ice storms and other emergency situations.
  • Deputy Pike- In October there were 173 calls, 81 reports written, 2 accident reports, 12 criminal reports, and 17 assists to the Village of Bethel.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for December 8, 2020 at 7:00 pm. Please call the departments or the trustees with any concerns.


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