July 2020 Meeting Highlights

Summary of the July 2020 meeting of the Tate Township Trustees:

The Tate Township Trustees’ regular meeting was held on July 14, 2020, with all trustees present.

  • Cemetery reported 3 burials in June, 7 foundations ordered, and 1 out-of-township grave sold.
  • Roads- The road crew has made good use out of the new Durapatcher machine.  The township roads are getting potholes filled and cracks sealed which will help extend the time between pavings.  Residents have been expressing their appreciation.  They have cleared all the trees for the future retaining wall going in between the cemetery and the maintenance yard. 6 private culverts were installed.  The Tate Township clean-up was held June 12 & 13, 2020 with residents dropping off 492 loads of junk. The clean-up report can be found here: Tate Township CleanUp 2020
  • BTFD-They received the relief money from HB481 for COVID-19 expenses.  They will purchase special CPR devices that help first responders avoid contact with patients. One will be placed in each ambulance. They are planning to purchase a UV light device that can disinfect buildings.  There is a new leak in one of the roofs, the trustees approved the repair. There was an arson fire on S. Union St. in June. The June 2020 BTFD report can be accessed here: BTFD June 2020 Update
  • Zoning- There were 5 permits issued.  The business signage has been moved at Sugartree & Rt 125 so it is out of the right-of-way. The trustees agreed to start the process to file Nuisance paperwork on residents that have been repeatedly asked to clean up their yards, served with grievance notices, and are still refusing to follow the Zoning rules.
  • Deputy Pike reported that all Clermont County deputies have been given more extensive training to be able to respond to mass gatherings and protests in the event they would get out of hand. The direct phone number to reach Deputy Eric Pike is 513-734-7088.  This will ring his cell phone when he is on duty and will go to voice mail (leave a message) when he is busy or off-duty. He asks that you only call him for non-emergencies.
  • Next meeting is August 11, 2020, at 7:00pm.
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