June 2020 Meeting Highlights

Summary of the June 2020 meeting of the Tate Township Trustees:

The Tate Township Trustees’ regular meeting was held on June 9, 2020, with all trustees present.

  • The BTFD news- The chief’s “old” vehicle was placed on the government sale site to sell and it did not receive the minimum bid.  The trustees will have the lights replaced with amber lights and it will be used as a cemetery and road maintenance vehicle.  This will save the township in fuel costs when a larger truck is not necessary.  Rick has heard nothing yet from the engineers about the parking lot job, from a previously received grant.  He is waiting on Senate Bill 30 to get funding dollars to buy special UV lighting that will be able to kill germs for the fire department and the ambulances.  The new ISO classification for the township is the best it has ever been.  Tate is now rated 33Y.  This will lower the resident’s home insurance costs.  The trustees had a discussion about how to get more fire hydrants into the township.  The fire department building has re-opened.  The BTFD Apr2020 Update & BTFD May2020 Update can be found on this page link.
  • Cemetery news- In May there were 7 burials, 7 foundations sold, and 3 graves sold to township residents.
  • Maintenance news- The Spring clean-up is this weekend.  The Village of Bethel may be sending help.  The trustees approved the purchase of a thermometer to read daily temperatures of maintenance employees.  Currently, they are going to the fire department building to get their temperatures checked each morning before work.
  • Next Tate Township meeting is scheduled for July 14, 2020 at 7:00pm.
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