March 2020 Township Meeting Highlights

The Tate Township Trustees’ regular meeting was held on March 10, 2020, with trustees Gary Reed and Bob Redden present. Greg Burns was absent.

  • Jeannie Zurmehly spoke to the trustees to say that, even though she is running unopposed, she would appreciate their support and votes. Zurmehly is running for Clermont County Treasurer.
  • A Drug Take-Back is scheduled for April 25 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm as a drive-through drop off.  It will take place in the parking lot of the Bethel-Tate Fire Department. Anyone can drop off old or unused drugs of any kind including liquids.  The drugs can be for animals or humans.  If they need to be disposed of, please use this service to easily get rid of expired, unused, or dangerous prescription or non-prescription drugs.
  • A representative from the Adams-Clermont Solid Waste Co. asked the trustees to support using the BT high school parking lot as a site for a public use recycle dumpster.  They would provide it a no-cost and it would benefit the community as well as the high school building.  Student groups have contacted the Adams-Clermont Solid Waste Facility asking for help with their recycling efforts.  Currently, there are no provisions for collecting recycled products.  Adams-Clermont will provide recycling containers in all the classrooms.  The Village and Township deputies would work with Adams-Clermont Waste to prosecute individuals that dump illegally. The trustees said they would make the suggestion to the BT School Board at their next meeting.
  • The BTFD made 151 runs in February 2020, 36 fire and 115 EMS. March 2020 BTFD update.
  • The cemetery had 5 burials in February, sold 4 foundations, and 1 grave.  They set 2 culverts for residents.  They used 21.5 tons of salt last month and have 222 tons left that will be kept in the new salt storage.
  • The next meeting is currently scheduled for April 14, 2020, at 7:00pm.
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