August 2019Trustee Meeting Summary

Summary of the August 2019 meeting of the Tate Township Trustees:

In the August 13, 2019 regular meeting of the Tate Township Trustees, all trustees were present and Greg Burns ran the meeting.

  • Zoning report for July- 4 building permits were issued.  2 violation letters were sent.
  • BTFD report- Total of 157 runs for July with no fire loss.  The new phone system cables have been installed in the fire department building.  They will continue to install cables in the other two buildings of the township.  Once they are finished with the installation, Cincinnati Bell will come out to hook up the new system.  This will bring the phone system up to date from separated residential systems to one connected commercial system.
  • Cemetery report- In July there were 3 funerals, 3 open/close grave pre-payments, 8 foundation orders, and 2 graves sold to out-of-township residents.  The department took down 3 dead or fallen trees in the cemetery.
  • Road report- Culvert and ditch work continues on Moore Road. In an estimated 3 weeks, they will finish and turn it over to the paving company.  The road salt that was contracted for last year just arrived this week.
  • The trustees discussed the aging old 1992 backhoe and agreed for the department to start looking into used equipment.  The search may take some time as the used backhoes are far and few between.
  • The trustees would like to remind everyone that there is a Tate Township police levy on the November ballot.

Summaries from previous meetings can be found here.

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