Summary of April 2019 Trustees Meeting

The regular meeting of the trustees was held April 9, 2019.  All trustees were in attendance.  Greg Burns called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. Reports were given by each department.

  • Visitor: Adam Byrd, current Superintendent of New Richmond schools introduced himself to the trustees and announced he would be running in 2020 for the 66th District for State Representative.
  • The trustees opened the road bids for paving Moore Rd this summer.  Bids were received from Brown County Construction, Filmore Construction, Roberts Paving, and Brown County Asphalt. Burns handed them over to the Roads Supervisor to compare and report back to the trustee on Monday April 15, 2019 at 3:00pm for a special meeting to determine which company to award it to.
  • Zoning reported that he spends half of his time working on and attending mediation meetings for 2 properties in the township.
  • Fire Chief reported 161 total calls were made in March, 43 were fire and 118 were EMS.  The response time has improved by 1 minute.  The complete March report is posted on the BTFD page.  He has not heard anything about the parking lot grant yet. He is currently checking with all phone carriers tp give quotes for a new phone system to be used in all Tate Township buildings.
  • Cemetery Sexton reported 10 burials, 2 Saturday burials, 6 foundation orders, and sold 11 graves of which 9 were in township and 2 are out of township.
  • Roads- Moore Road will need 7 culverts replaced and quite a bit of ditching before re-paving.  He will need to rent a jack hammer for $400 a week to break through the concrete covered culverts that have rusted out.  The salt storage concrete pad is poured with the 2nd row of blocks just set and 20 more blocks will be added.
  • Trustees discussed the solar farm that is going in on the Brown/Clermont line with some of the acreage in Tate.  The county commissioners okayed the project without consulting the township officials. The concerns are about possible road damage to both county and township roads and not knowing the details of the project.  There were also questions about whether there would be any revenue in taxes to the township since the land being used will no longer be able to be farmed or developed which would generate tax dollars.


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