Summary of February 2019 Meeting

The regular meeting of the trustees was held Feb, 12, 2019. Greg Burns, Chairperson, ran the meeting.  Both trustees Howard Daugherty  and Gary Reed were in attendance.

  • Visitor; John McGraw, Trustee from Union Township was in attendance to visit and say he will be running for a County position.
  • Visitor:  Resident remarked that the Tate Township road crew has been doing a great job this winter.
  • Cemetery report- January had 9 burials, 2 foundations sold, and 6 foundations sold in Tate.  The new mats purchased to protect the ground for machine access to grave sites have arrived.  They are easy to walk on and there is less slippage. This year’s mowing service will remain the same as last year.
  • Road report The Trisler Rd. upgrade is tentatively scheduled to start April 1.  The grinding will be used for township road berms and future cemetery roads. The township clean-up dates will be a little later this year, probably in June. The trustees gave approval for a concrete slab and tarp shed to be built before 4/30 for road salt storage so they don’t lose the contracted lower price.
  • Fire & EMS report  In January, there were 156 calls of which 36 were for fire.  There was $250 fire loss.  The grant for the parking lot/driveway is probably not going to be completed until next summer because of regulations that require an environmental study by the County.  Recommended hiring of Cory Meyers for 1 year probation and he must pass the paramedic class within 1 year of hire.  Recommended Tyler Buschard for a volunteer FF position. Recommend promoting Allison Zahn from probation to PT status.  We have been without a chaplain for several years and now have a volunteer for that position. Trustees approved  1 more auto load system to be purchased called power-cot load system.
  • Trustees adopted ORC 505.64 per State requirement.
  • Next meeting March 12th @ 7:00 p.m.
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