Summary of January 2019 Meeting

The regular meeting of the trustees was held Jan. 8, 2019. Howard Daugherty ran the meeting as this year’s Vice-Chairperson. Gary Reed was in attendance.  Greg Burns is the 2019 Chairperson but was not attending the meeting.

  • Visitors included Nick, a Boy Scout attending the meeting to take notes for his communication badge. There were 6 residents expressing their concerns about a land owner near them who is making them feel unsafe. They gave several reasons to the trustees and Deputy Pike gave them information about calling the Clermont County Sheriff’s office.
  • Chief Stowell gave the BTFD report for December. There were 163 calls. The total fire loss for the year 2018 was $124,355. The fire department has been selling old equipment on with pretty good success. The department is happy to have received the parking lot grant that totals $100.000. The construction company will be starting with the paperwork on February 1st. The old asphalt removed will be taken to the Tate Township cemetery to be used for new cemetery roads.
  • Deputy Pike reported that he made 61 calls in the last month, wrote 32 new reports, served 2 warrants, and closed 10 reports.
  • Cemetery news- In December there were 8 funerals held, 9 graves sold of which 3 were out of township residents.
  • Road news- The broken culvert on Canter Road currently has steel plates over the cave in hole. The trustees approved the cost of$2500 for a contractor with the right equipment to remove and replace the culverts with the township’s materials.The road will have to be closed during repairs.
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