Summary of December 11th Meeting

Tate Township, OHIO
  • Public participation- A question was asked  about the police levy failing in November.  Will the trustees run the levy again in May?  They answered that the May ballot is too expensive and so any future police levy would not be considered until the November 2019 election.
  • Zoning- 4 permits were issued in November.  George added that he continues to  go to mediations and send notices to landowners that are not in compliance with the township ordinances.
  • BT Fire Department and EMS- They had 147 calls in November and the BTFD is responding within 5 1/2 minutes. In old news, the old lights from the station have been sold on gov deals and they will contact the high bidder from the radio to see if they want the radio.  They received news that Bethel-Tate was awarded the CCBG grant from the county for $99,752 with the Tate Township local match of $18,000, totaling $117,752 to pay for a new concrete parking lot at the station.  As part of the requirements for the FEMA grant that was awarded, the Township will post a legal notice for 14 days to receive bids for 36 self-contained breathing apparatus.  In new news, the BTFD wants to  sell some used equipment that will be posted on  There are (2) 3″ portable pumps and a 220 portable air compressor that will be listed on the site.
  • Cemetery- There were 7 burials in November, 2 foundations sold, 3 graves sold, and 1 grave site bought back at original purchase price.  They borrowed plastic grate mats from another cemetery to try out as vehicle tracks when preparing the grave sites for funerals.  The trustees approved buying 40 of the mats.  Ed reported that funeral attendees should not be walking on them but they do. Recently a woman walked on the boards, slipped and fell but refused medical treatment.
  • A special organizational meeting will be held 12/26/2018 at 8:00 am and the bids will be read for the FEMA grant so they can be purchased before the end of the year.
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