Trustees Ask For Resident Input on Electric Aggregation

The Tate Township Trustees are interested in receiving residents input on placing the question of residential electric and natural gas aggregation on the November 7, 2017 ballot.

Ohio law allows for communities such as townships, villages, cities and counties to form aggregated buying groups to negotiate discounted prices on electric and natural gas generation on behalf of their citizens.

The programs would NOT include any customer fees, switching fees or termination fees for residents. Residents would have the choice to leave the program at any time and reenroll at any time without additional costs. Also there will be no costs to the township in operating these programs. Tate Township would NOT receive any funds from these programs. Trustees are offering these programs for the residents benefit and to provide a safe publicly vetted option for residents to participate in.

Over 450 of these types programs have been approved by voters in Ohio. To learn more about the program or provide input please reach out to the Tate Township Trustees. Your input is greatly appreciated.

Take a 7 question survey on aggregation HERE