Free Inspection

All residents on Township roads that are considering upgrading your driveway with new blacktop or concrete should first call the Road & Maintenance Department. Many steel pipes eventually rust out which lets the pipe collapse, then water backs up, and onto the road. When this happens the pipe has to be dug up and replaced which means cutting the new blacktop or concrete.

Please call 513-734-2384 for a free culvert pipe inspection.  If the pipe has to be replaced we will have to cut the driveway so it is better to let us replace it BEFORE you buy new blacktop or concrete.

Remember on culvert pipe replacements, the homeowner buys the pipe and Tate Township supplies the labor and gravel.

Keep in mind that just about all driveways in the township have a pipe where the driveway goes over the ditch.  Many of these pipes are made of steel which can rust out and collapse.  The replacement pipe you will buy will be made of plastic and will not rust out.

ALB Update May 2017

Clermont County

Tree removals are ongoing. Property owners are asked to communicate any concerns with the contractor in advance of tree removal work being conducted. Ground and tree-climbing survey crews continue to conduct delimiting surveys, inspecting all host trees throughout the regulated areas in Clermont County. Staff survey for the presence of ALB by examining individual host trees for signs of beetle damage. The following numbers pertain to the tree removals and surveys currently being conducted:

  • 2,327,835 Number of tree surveys conducted as of 5/6/17 (since surveys began on 7/1/11)
  • 18,868 Number of ALB infested trees confirmed as of 5/6/17 (since detection on 6/17/11)
  • 18,625 Number of ALB infested trees removed as of 5/6/17 (since removals started on 11/14/11)
  • 75,849 Number of ALB high risk host trees removed as of 5/6/17 (since removals started on 5/1/13)
  • 36,130 Number of ALB high risk host tree treatments conducted since 2013
  • 61 Square-miles under regulation; see “Regulated Area” map:

The quarantine restricts the movement of hardwood logs, firewood, stumps, roots and branches out of the regulated area and also restricts the sale of nursery stock, green lumber, and logs of the following trees: maples, horse chestnut, buckeye, mimosa, birch, ash, golden raintree, katsura, sycamore, poplar, willow, mountain ash, and elms. Program staff continue to monitor regulated areas, respond to service calls and conduct training sessions for compliance agreements.

For the full article Ohio Media Update_05122017

BTFD May Update


So far the Bethel-Tate Fire Department has had a busy year. As of early May:

  • 178 fire details
  • 547 EMS details.
  • 21 dispatches for structure fires or vehicle fires with a total fire loss of about $36,000 and a total property and contents saved amount of about $498,000.
  • Our most recent fire in our district was a detached garage that caught fire in the latter part of April, whereas we assisted Monroe Township with a barn fire in early May.

In EMS news, we received a grant from the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation for a motorized cot and load system.  This cot and load system will reduce our risk of lifting-related injuries we can incur on EMS details. Stay tuned as we will try and get a video of the cot in action and post it here.

2017 Ladies Auxiliary Quarter Auction Results

Bethel-Tate Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary hosted their annual Quarter Auction on Thursday, April 29, 2017 at Bethel-Tate Middle School. The Quarter Auction raised $2,900.00 in profits thanks to all of our local businesses who donated merchandise. The businesses donations along with our Ladies Auxiliary hard work make it possible for the department to purchase needed equipment each year used in fighting fires and saving lives.

Over the past 5 years, the monies raised from this event have purchased several items:

  • all terrain 4 wheel drive John Deere Gator with rescue equipment
  • a portable water tank with trailer

These are used for rescuing injured patients that are well off the road, normally on the hiking or horseback trails at East Fork State park and to extinguish grass fires. Total cost of over $13,000.00.

  • Five nozzles were purchased last year at $500.00 each. Total cost of $2500.00
  • 4 ice rescue suits at $1,000 each. Total cost of $4000.00

Future plans include buying 2 chain saws to replace the 24 year old saws that were taken out of service recently.

100% of this equipment was purchased without using taxpayer dollars and is something the department is extremely proud of.